Different team meetings

On a rainy afternoon, it was also our last afternoon in Lotus No. 1 middle school. On this day, the campus is full of sadness of parting.

The children in junior high school are so sensible and full of love. Several girls secretly told me that we have prepared a farewell party for the teachers in the classroom. I hope you can gather them together to participate in the meeting. When she said these words, I felt warm in my heart. I didn't expect that I had brought so many things to them in these ten short days, which we should not take for granted. These things are what they most desire. They knew we were going to leave, but they held back their tears and prepared a farewell party for us, and they appeared in front of our team members in the form of surprise.

In the evening, I held a team meeting. This team meeting was not long winded by the team leader, and there was no requirement from the team leader. Only I gave the order to stand up. Then the whole team was led into the classroom that the students had prepared for a long time. At this moment, what I saw was not only surprise, but also moving. I was moved by the gratitude of these students.

Happy time is always short. At the farewell party, we saw the enthusiasm of the students, the understanding of the students, and the efforts we have made in the past ten days.

Time is not old, we are not separated. I will always remember these children.

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