Distant friends

I was walking on my way home when my cell phone rang. I thought there was something wrong with my unit. I picked it up and saw that it was a strange phone call from Algeria. It really stunned me. Was it the wrong number? I don't have any relatives or friends abroad. The phone kept ringing. After hesitating for a while, I answered it. After two times of Hello, I heard that he was my classmate in junior high school and once a good friend, ah Yong. We haven't seen each other for many years. After chatting with each other for a while, we learned that he works in Algeria, Africa and works in engineering and installation. He said that it was OK to earn money abroad. He could earn fifty or sixty thousand a year. It's not easy for him to stay in a foreign country for more than a year, but it's not easy for him to stay away from his children.

After years of not seeing each other, friends from afar can still think of calling me, which really moved me. I can't help but recall the past. It was a winter. After early self-study, it snowed heavily outside. Ah Yong took the initiative to find me. It's hard to walk in such a heavy snow. Don't go home and have a meal with me. Looking at the snowflakes flying all over the sky and the muddy road, I was embarrassed, but I nodded and agreed. When he walked into the classroom with a smile, he carried the salty soup from the canteen in a teapot in one hand and several steaming steamed buns in the other hand on the desk. The meal was delicious. For me, it was a good meal. Friendship can warm people's hearts in this way. It's cold, but it's warm. I can't forget the taste of steamed bread and salty soup. It's worth chewing and tasting all my life.

Two days later, after dinner, I was watching TV when I received a call from my friend xiuqiang in Cangzhou, Hebei Province. In the twinkling of an eye, xiuqiang has joined the army for 13 years. Now he has a daughter, six years old, who goes to kindergarten locally. And I also have a third grade son. How fast time flies! The young men of those days have now grown into mature men leading the family. Chatting, the corners of my eyes couldn't help getting wet. I remember that I often invited them to the canteen for dinner. Occasionally, I would fry two small dishes and order wine. The two people drank and chatted around the small table. I remember the day when I learned that he joined the army, I was a little disappointed. I really couldn't bear to let him go, but I hope he has a bright future. I remember seeing off xiuqiang that night. We drank a lot of wine and talked a lot. It seems not enough. In the moonlight, we talked as we walked until late at night, for fear that today will be over, and tomorrow we don't know when we can get together again.

In this world, it is a happy thing to have friends far away. I don't know how. I can't help feeling sad when I received a call from these two friends who haven't been in touch for a long time. Late at night, I stood alone on the balcony, lit a cigarette, let the cool night wind blow my cheeks, looked up at the starry sky, and had thousands of thoughts, as if my old friend had returned to me, with love and care in my heart. Fresh faces and familiar figures stand in a certain paragraph of life. Will not grow old, will not go far away, standing in place, I can see them as soon as I look back. Why is friendship so precious in my life? That was a glorious time when we used to shine on each other with the crisp time of life!

Friends can be met but not asked. You don't know how one of them will integrate into your life at an unknown moment, or how one of them will inevitably stay away. You can only look back, look back, but can't touch. I remember climbing Yunlong mountain on the night of Double Ninth Festival. We stood on the top of the mountain and looked up at the starry sky, overlooking the bustling lights of the city. The crowd was surging. I didn't know each other in the desert, but I wasn't alone with you; I remember that morning, you were afraid to disturb my sleep and cheered my bike carefully. The sound of cheering gently was melodious and kind. I know there is deep friendship, brotherly friendship. I remember you singing the poetry written in the name of youth, but I still haven't walked out of the poetic reincarnation

What is a friend? If you have a different understanding of the meaning of the word friend, you will get different answers. I think that when friends are together, they understand and help each other. They can share happiness and sorrow. When a friend is in trouble, he will lend a helping hand without words, and he will never forget when he is developed. Even if separated for many years, I can still think of him, or make a phone call and pour out my heart. Some people say that friends are mutual use. In my heart, friends are trusted relatives. It's a pity to be said by him. There is no interest in a friend's friendship, nor is it just sympathizing with each other. He can appreciate your advantages and directly point out your shortcomings. And echoing, regardless of right and wrong, is not a real friend.

Some people may not be able to become friends even if they meet every day. Some people may become friends after an encounter. Therefore, I think those who become friends should be destined to have a fate. I remember when I worked in other places a few years ago, I went to that distant place by train. It was an early winter season. At night, people were sleepy and tired, and the carriage was very cold. I couldn't help falling asleep against my neighbor. When we woke up the next morning, we talked a lot like old friends, as if there were endless words, until the train arrived, said goodbye to each other and disappeared into the vast sea of people. Since then, I have taken this train many times and never met such a person again. But in my heart, I often remember him. I think this is fate.

Friends from afar, wish you all well, and I will be well!

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