Don't tell me if you don't know the situation

Don't tell me if you don't know the situation

Today, when chatting with others, I talked about the leader of a unit. At that time, the man was very angry and a little angry, because the leader, who was not leading him, wanted to direct his work and let him do this and that, which made him very dissatisfied. However, it is impossible to refute directly, because this leader is a leader and always has some discretion. After all, it is impossible to treat him like ordinary people. Therefore, he can only be angry.

Everyone has his own responsibility. This is the truth that every one of us should know. However, many people often do not know what they should do or how they should do. Instead, they want to take care of other things and show their status. However, in fact, he can't do his own work well, and he has to take care of other people's affairs. In the words of the common people, it means that when they are full, they will find trouble.

Just like the leader mentioned at the beginning, his own duties are not competent. Because the people working under him are full of complaints. It is not that the person below is not doing a good job, but that he is not doing a good job. It's impossible that everyone can't do their work well, but they go out and say that it's the fault of the following people. However, in fact, this responsibility should be borne by him, not by others. However, he had no such awareness. In simple and direct terms, it's like the credit is his and the fault is someone else's. At this time, there is also the appearance of being competent. Who will believe it? Who but those who benefit from him?

This is the kind of person who doesn't know how heavy he is, but thinks of other people's units to dictate. Who will be convinced? It can be said that almost no one will be convinced. Why do you still do this when you are not convinced? Just to show off his identity. No one else knows that he is a leader. We should know from this time on. Back hands, put on a leadership style, and then began to give directions. In the words of the angry man, you can ask if you don't understand, so don't pretend to understand.

But the question is, will the leader admit that he doesn't understand? Is it possible? This is certainly impossible. It's like a very simple thing. People who have lived in rural areas know what it should be like to farm, when to hoe, and when to harvest crops. But what about the so-called leadership? He would command very impolitely. When he was planting, he ordered everyone to start weeding. At the beginning of the harvest, he ordered everyone to plant crops. Many people will know about this harvest. However, the leader pretends not to know, because he knows it is his own fault, but it is certainly impossible for him to admit it. He puts the responsibility on the working people, and then begins to ask others to testify. Those who could benefit from him began to testify. The leader can say with a strong sense that this is someone else's fault and has nothing to do with him.

It really doesn't matter? It really doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to the leaders. Because this is a personal problem, not a leadership problem. Generally speaking, they seek their own policies in their positions. However, many leaders do not seek their own policies in their positions. It is very likely that they only know what they think. They do not worry about their own affairs, but ask other things. Just like other units, they are always willing to care about, and they are also willing to laugh at, because the leaders there are not well managed. However, in fact, their own units have not been well managed. What's more, talking about other people's work units makes others feel reluctant, irritated and disgusted. Of course, there is no lack of contradictions. Just like farmers, the land is sometimes planted with grass. However, some leaders who do not know their intentions will want to hoe the grass. Because he doesn't know the situation.

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