During the summer vacation

During the summer vacation, former friend Wang Yunzi came back from London. We will meet at the coffee shop on the 5th floor of Jinshitang on Xinyi Road. On a summer afternoon, the heat was unbearable, I took my daughter's hand and walked on the crowded street, feeling that the whole city seemed to be on fire. My daughter's little hand is often released from my hand due to the collision of pedestrians walking in the opposite direction. However, soon, it will come up again. We chatted intermittently amid the shouts of merchants and the sound of pedestrians bargaining. My daughter asked me who I was about to meet, and I said, "It's my colleague who stayed at the school as a teaching assistant after graduating from the university, and came back from far away from England." The daughter turned her head to the side and asked innocently, "Do people who come back from far away have to meet and invite them to drink coffee?" "That's not necessarily true! My mother had the best relationship with her back then. When she was a teaching assistant together, she took good care of her." The daughter continued to ask perseveringly: "Does the adults also need others to take care of them? How does she take care of you? Is it like Cai Hechun taking care of me? Teach you to do your homework?" Cai Hechun is her classmate. After hearing this, I couldn't help laughing: "It's about the same! No matter how old you are, you need someone else to take care of you! Right? Like grandpa who is sick, we also need to take care of it! Right?" "Then are you sick? At that time?" "I'm not sick. However, there was a time when my mother was in a very bad mood that year, and felt that she was disgusting and unpopular. Just a few days before Christmas that year, I found that Auntie Wang was secretly visiting me. There was a card she made on the desk, which said: 'I don't know how to describe how much I like you, I wish you a happy holiday.' My mother was very moved. This card changed my mother's bad mood at that time. More importantly, it gave me a lot of encouragement and made me feel that I am not so annoying!" The daughter listened, thoughtfully, and lowered her head silently. Yun Zi and I met, happily talking about the past, and asking each other about the current situation. My daughter listened quietly, not chattering like usual, we almost forgot her existence. After a while, my daughter asked to visit the stationery department on the 3rd floor. Ten minutes later, my daughter came upstairs with a blushing face and panting, and whispered to me, "Can you lend me a hundred yuan first? I want to buy something, and I'll give it to you from the piggy bank when I go back." We were having a good time talking, and we didn't have time to think about it. Knowing that she wouldn't spend indiscriminately, we sent her with money. Not long after, she came up again. Facing his friend, he stood up respectfully, held a box of beautifully packaged gifts in both hands, and said solemnly, "Auntie Wang! Here's a small gift for you, you've come from so far away." Yun Zi and I were surprised at the same time, Yun Zi was even more at a loss, and said indifferently: "How can I do it! How can I accept your gift! I came back from the UK and I didn't bring you a gift, I'm so sorry, and, I am Sir, you are a child..." The daughter put her heels together seriously and said with infinite affection, "My mother said you are her best friend. Thank you for taking so much care of my mother before." A burst of heat rushed towards my forehead, my throat suddenly choked up, and my eyes were wet and hot all of a sudden, I was helpless, I never thought my daughter would do this. Yunzi's eyes also suddenly turned red, her lips trembled slightly, but she couldn't say a word, she just hugged her daughter tightly, and murmured, "Thank you! Thank you..." This time, it was the daughter's turn to feel embarrassed. She leaned on Yunzi's shoulder and reminded her awkwardly, "Do you want to see what gift you got?" Yunzi opened the gift and hung a key ring with a fluffy little white rabbit. The daughter said old-fashioned: "Those who can take care of people will be very gentle, so I chose the little white rabbit, white and soft, do you like it?" Yunzi said moved: "Of course I like it, what a lovely gift. When I go back to England, I will hang up all the keys. Every time I open a door, I will miss you." The daughter was so happy that she jumped downstairs and jumped downstairs, leaving the two women in the room with the aroma of coffee, enjoying a friendship more mellow than coffee.

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