Early in the morning, I walked to the river for a walk

Early in the morning, I walked to the river for a walk

Morning air

Fresh and pure

As sweet as milk

I like it at a time like this

A man walked to the river for a walk

I like watching

The willows by the river are green

Mist rose over the river

Sometimes there are beautiful pictures of dragonflies

Circling on the water, pingting

I also like listening

The river is gurgling

The birds on the branches are singing happily

And the monsoon from the South Pacific

Like a lover's warm hands

Stroking my face

this moment

Everything woke up

Blue sky, white clouds

Red mountain flowers, green grass

And the distant smoke trees, corridors and pavilions

They are all the same as me

From sleep

He opened his eyes

Welcome this wonderful morning

I have traveled thousands of mountains and rivers

Full of fatigue

Also experienced all kinds of pain

scars of wounds strung together like beads

When the morning comes

I want to put all my misfortunes

Lost in last night's dream

Let it be like a breeze

Vanishing without a trace

for me

Every morning

In fact, it is a new life

Please allow me to be greedy

I want to be in her gentle arms

Enjoy lasting peace and warmth

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