Eat well alone

After work every day, do you throw off your backpack tiredly, make a bowl of noodles in a hurry, watch boring TV dramas until you finish eating, then take a hot bath and complain to your circle of friends before you go to bed. There is a kitchen at home, but you are too lazy to do it. The neatly arranged tableware was bought on impulse by a friend who visited last month. Now it's a layer of dust, and you're too lazy to tidy and clean it.

The reason why we are like this is that we are all alone from beginning to end, coming in a hurry and leaving at will. In fact, the more so, we should eat well and live well.

People are thirsty for water and hungry for food, which is the self-regulation function of the body playing a role. The self-regulation function of the human body is the protector of health. This function is innate and given by nature.

At the beginning of 20, there is no level of six roots and purity. The reason why we feel sad alone is that you are unwilling to be lonely.

When the noise rushes forward and there is no time to cover everything, I gradually neglect myself, but every time I come out of a person's environment, I come back. Making friends with yourself is defined as being alone, talking with yourself is defined as thinking.

In fact, a person's life is not miserable, but a luxury. When you reach a certain age and face a certain society, you will know that you really enjoy it when you are alone. Now you still feel lonely, maybe life has not given you the qualification to enjoy it.

A person should eat well, and a person should also live a delicate and warm life!

Remember, one should eat well and live well!

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