Echo of Dance stage

Echo of Dance stage

If you plant a melon, you get a melon. What we plant on the way of life, and what we will eventually harvest. Sow love, harvest love; make sin, harvest evil. In another sense, the person who seeks happiness for others is the happy person himself, which is also the echo of his life. I love dance most, dancing on stage can bring me energy!

When I planted a seed on the soil, not long after that, I also got a shade.

Remember that in the second half of grade five, my achievements were not very outstanding, and the same was true in the last semester. Therefore, I can only become a "civilian" and I have been unknown. In order to be able to be a leader and grow up, I can create a good career. In the same way, this final exam may become a turning point in my life, so I work hard. When I get home from school, I take out the small book that I don't know where I can't understand, and ask my mother for advice. When my mother doesn't know, I will frown and think about it on my own, and I will be in class for ten times, Day in and day out, I also read the midnight oil and read all the homework with all my abilities. Finally, I met the final exam. When I went into the exam room and read the questions carefully, I thought of a word, which was "I can do it". I meditated for a moment, took these three words, finished the examination after several days of the examination, finally there was an echo, there are three all-round students in the class including me. On Dance stage, I work hard to practice, and I can get warm applause every time. There is a harvest if I give, which is the reason I get from this practice.

Persistence, practice, dance, finally got praise from teachers and classmates, relying on persistent efforts, which is the echo of Dance stage to me.

We live in this world, and everyone is going through a different life course from others. But there is a rule that seems to exist forever. That is, we treat life with a love for life, and life will return us the bright sunshine. We complain about the injustice of life every day, and life gives us a gloomy face.

Friends, let's plant together, work together, and listen to the echo of the dance stage. In the world of dance, show our beautiful figure! Let dance fly with me!

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