Enter the dance stage

Enter the dance stage

The dance  stage, no matter where the dance stage is, is beautiful. However, the dance stage in my hometown always has a kind of beauty that can not be surpassed by other places. This is the place where our nature of dancing can be fully displayed. It can release ourselves and let the people in my hometown feel the charm of my dancing posture. It's my pride and my honor!

In the morning, I came to the suburbs. Wandering in the wilderness, enjoying the cool breeze, I feel unspeakably comfortable. I greedily took a few mouthfuls of fresh air, and involuntarily hummed a light tune. Look, the sky is like a sapphire covering the earth. It has been wiped clean and bright by the autumn wind. The pond outside the village, also with clear eyes, staring at the beautiful sky. The pond full of white reed, suddenly out of a white goose, slowly floating in the water. They seemed innocent, perhaps a little too lonely here, so they stretched their necks: "Oh! Oh Call rhythmically, even when the floating water surface rippling up a circle of waves, but also add a lot of vitality to the picture of nature. The sun makes the sky beautiful. The flowers on the stage dress up the colorful hillside, which is more gorgeous in the sun. The wind rustled the maple leaves. Maple leaves off the branches, rippling with the wind. With the last strength of his life, he drew a beautiful arc.

The dance stage is the place of harvest. Tap dance, jazz dance, ballet dance , all kinds of dance here to show their charm, bring people the enjoyment of beauty

When you look at the dance  stage, it looks like a vast sea of gold. As soon as the stage is swept, music rings in the air, like leaves rushing down. Some are like butterflies dancing, some are like Orioles flying, and some are like actors spinning lightly. The leaves on the ground are like a thick Golden carpet.

The dance  stage is also like a painting, with cypress and willow trees of music dotted in gold: the high sky and white clouds are also lovely in the picture; tall buildings stand in the picture

Dance Stage, you bring me happiness, bring happiness, you are incomparably lovely, you are so good. Let me enjoy the dance stage music and dance! Bring visual and spiritual enjoyment to the world!

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