Time is in a hurry, and the short three trips to the countryside are coming to an end.

Think of a friend's words, some things you will regret for a lifetime if you don't experience them. Going to the countryside three times brings me more spiritual inspiration. The children of lotus No. 1 middle school, like fireworks in the sky, flash past in our freshman summer vacation, and eventually become a story we like to talk about.

As a new teacher, please give me more advice

In a physical education class, I met an eighth grade girl. When she just got close to her, she wanted to say something but was afraid of something. I tried to get familiar with her with all my affinity. Finally, I succeeded in breaking up the strangeness, and she began to gradually ask me whether I could play table tennis or not. At that moment, I felt for the first time that I entered the world of a junior high school student as a teacher. Her shyness and timidity were precisely because I was their respected teacher. Maybe at that moment, I realized the feeling of being a teacher for the first time.

Coincidentally, the girl happened to be in my class. I took them to my first English class. When I saw a familiar face, she took the initiative to ask me if I still remember her. It's my happiest thing to leave an impression on the students. That class was even more open and lively. At the moment of unplugging the USB flash drive, the students suddenly said, "goodbye Miss Lai!" It satisfies all my pride. It turns out that as a freshman, I can also bring them a great English class like their English teacher.

Teaching, I want to bring them the best

On the last day before leaving, another little girl wrote me a note saying she liked my teaching method. I think I probably used the online lesson preparation resources and a new teaching mode. Finally, I gave them an oral class. When they first came into contact with oral English, they felt that English was not only in books, but also in their mouths. In that class, I deliberately showed off my oral English. I read the article aloud in order to break their traditional concept of dumb English. Perhaps, a lesson can't bring them much knowledge, but I hope it can bring them more new and more progressive learning methods. At that moment, I was particularly eager for more young people to enter these remote areas and bring them different classes.

After leaving, I will remember your sincerity

After changing into the role of a subject teacher, I feel more and more that a sense of responsibility is on my shoulders. Sometimes when I am writing in the office, I will want to see my classmates. Although I don't know everyone, an inexplicable teacher-student relationship makes me even more cordial. On the last night of parting, the children privately prepared a farewell party for all the team members, full of blackboard blessings, love cards, sweet cantaloupes, all of which were spontaneously organized by them. That night, we really got together, a little like teachers, but more like their big brother and sister. Maybe they will forget us after a long time, but we will all remember your sincerity.

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