Fallen leaves feel

Hurt autumn is the common emotion of mankind.

Heaven and earth are sad, and plants are sad. Fallen leaves, exotic trees, cold lights, people at night alone. In these sentimental, with loss and loss, the withered fallen leaves are the end of life.

That's because people don't understand the fallen leaves at all, let alone the natural mystery of their embrace.

Where are the fallen leaves? Feng Tang's poems and essays clearly state its destination, that is:

"The spring breeze is born, the spring forest is in full bloom, and the spring breeze is ten miles away. It's not as good as you."

Winter goes and spring comes. In the new ring, in the gradually soft branches, in the warm spring breeze, in people's hearts, it is there.

There is a soul on every leaf. The back of every leaf is spring. On the new leaves every year, you can find the spirit of the leaf.

Falling is not death, but the starting point of energy accumulation and conservation. It is another beginning of life.

Living to death is the moment when autumn leaves fall to the ground.

Fallen leaves have infinite life. "Autumn wind and autumn rain are sad", for the fallen leaves, it is its wind, flowers, snow and moon, its poetry and distance.

"Grass snake gray line, volt pulse thousands of miles". Fallen leaves are not the helplessness of life. Turning into soil is not to go to death, but to reach the overflowing hope in peace. It is a beautiful farewell to today for the future. It happily dived into the embrace of mother earth, and made a mockery of human sentimentality with its broken body.

Reincarnation every year, looking up all your life. Fallen leaves are human mentors, telling people how to walk through each season calmly.

Like a graceful dancer, elegant and calm; When leaving the matrix, there will be a slight crisp sound, which is an aria during a long journey. The sound of every fallen leaf is different, the same is no regrets and no turning back.

The fallen leaves have no distinction between noble and humble. They are proud elves in the samsara of heaven.

Like Phoenix Nirvana, the soul of fallen leaves can return to its mother body and become thicker and thicker. Scattered into mud, ground into dust, the new life will be more abundant.

Each leaf clearly depicts the meaning of life and the journey of soul. If you understand it, you will no longer be at a loss, can carry the weight of life and be quiet unconsciously.

The cycle of four seasons, the latent replacement of yin and Yang, the sprouting of spring, the glory of summer, the withering of autumn and the silence of winter are the mystery of nature and the magic of the creator. Every leaf knows this truth, and their hearts will always be a pure land.

Buddha said: one flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi. "Everything follows fate and is natural and comfortable". Only fallen leaves can reach such a state.

Look at the world of mortals, look up, how prosperous; When the building collapsed, it was lonely and silent. Without the humility of heaven and the awe of goodness, there will never be green in the heart. Only when the mind is free like a fallen leaf can we see the nature of all things, find ourselves and have a prosperous tomorrow.

There are no fallen leaves that cannot return to their roots. Every season is a masterpiece of heaven, and the beauty of life is surging in every period of time. Whispering leaves are telling a truth. As long as you cherish them, they will not end the curtain. Only when we face it bravely, the color of life will be brighter.

The fallen leaf is not lonely. It completes the precipitation of life with its broken body, carries the heavy task of the cycle of heaven, plays the high melody of autumn, and leads all things in heaven and earth to a new world.

Fallen leaves is a master of "breaking and leaving", which teaches human beings to face "giving up" rationally. Only by understanding can we give up, "giving up" is often more precious than "getting".

After reading the fallen leaves, happiness becomes simple, sadness will leave quietly, the world will be clear, and there will be heroic temperament and power.

Nietzsche said, "every day without dancing is a betrayal of life".

The fallen leaves have lived up to them. They have been dancing to find value and meaning. With their deep love for time, they sing a long song of destruction and resurrection. Everything, just for the more brilliant fragrance in the coming year.

Withering, falling and turning into mud, the beauty of fallen leaves is here. There is the beauty of love between heaven and earth, the deep feeling in the journey of life, and the context of life philosophy.

Laozi's Day: every man has his own roots. In the final analysis, saying "quiet" is called "Fu Ming". Life is often restored, and knowledge is often Yueming.

Kindness is the real foundation of life and the source of vitality and vigor. Treat life calmly like fallen leaves, so as not to hurt autumn and sorrow, so as to have the quality and thickness of life.

The wind came slowly and was echoed by the rustling leaves. This is a Symphony played by fallen leaves and autumn, and a hymn dedicated by fallen leaves to spring. The chord of deep love plays an enviable length of life.

Hello, fallen leaves. You're right.

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