Familiar taste

I haven't eaten my grandmother's cooking for a long time.

In my childhood memory, the happiest thing in a day is to eat the food made by my grandmother. Every day from kindergarten or dance class home, put down a small bag, the first thing is always to ask Grandma: "what do you want to eat today?" Grandma always said, "guess what?" I can always guess what grandma did from the pungent smell. Grandma looked at me fondly, laughed and scolded: "I don't know who inherited her dog nose."

When I was older, when I was in primary school, I moved. The busy figure in the kitchen changed from grandmother to mother. I also began to learn all kinds of dances. I wore cheap dance shoes to do tap dance, jazz dance or Latin dance. The shoe cabinet was full of cheap tap dance shoes, cheap Latin dance shoes and cheap jazz dance shoes. But I still keep the habit of asking what to eat as soon as I get home. Unfortunately, the answer is no longer what I want to hear. Occasionally, when I went back to my grandmother's house and saw the figure of Wei Tuo in the kitchen, I could not help asking, "what do you want to eat today?" Grandma will always answer a familiar but reassuring word.

With the beginning of junior high school, my life has changed. The things on the desk have changed from the original exquisite novels to the endless exercises. The refills used up in a week have changed from one in two weeks to one in two days now. The number of visits to grandma has gradually decreased with the increase of exercises.

Suddenly one day, I heard my mother tell my father that Grandma had gastroenteritis and was going to be hospitalized. In any case, I did not expect that my grandmother with strong body would fall down one day. She was shocked and more distressed. The person who would cook delicious food for me was getting old, but I couldn't do anything. All of a sudden, an amazing idea came into my mind - I'm going to cook a meal for grandma.

From this day on, I began to study all kinds of health books and food secrets, just to make the best meal for grandma. "Hu" I breathe a long sigh of relief, this meal condenses my painstaking efforts over the past few days is finally ready. Only when you really know how to cook can you understand her difficulty. I feel very tired after cooking only once, not to mention my grandmother who does housework everyday?

Just when I was stunned, the car had stopped steadily in front of the hospital. I carried the incubator and walked quickly to grandma's ward. I gently open the door, see the familiar figure, grandma turned around, see the person is me, then called me to sit down. I put the incubator on the table, turned it open, and said to grandma, "grandma, this is the dish I made myself. This is radish bone soup. I checked the book. It's good for your health..." "Good good good", grandma's tone as before, let me have a kind of back to the illusion of childhood. Grandma tasted a mouthful of soup. She felt my head and said, "Oh, that little girl has grown up and knows how to take care of grandma." After that, the corner of my mouth cracked a proud smile. I looked at my grandmother's expression, and I couldn't stop tears. I choked and said, "grandma, you used to cook for me, this time, I'll cook for you."

Grandma, when I grow up, I will cook for you all my life.

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