Family dance competition

Family dance competition

In order to meet the Olympic Games, we held a family dance competition. My sister and I are responsible for the preparation of the sports meeting. The day before the Games began, we were so busy that we prepared slogans, chest cards, prizes. That evening, I announced to my family: "the purpose of our family dance competition is to exercise our body and meet the Olympic Games"; the slogan of the Games is "I am confident, I can do it"; the emblem is that the "+" above represents the idea that the Olympic Games represent the family representatives welcome the idea of waiting for the emblem: "the family dance competition is waiting for the Olympic Games".

At 8 a.m., the dance competition began. We moved to the yard with all kinds of dance equipment. I asked you to arrange the team, and told you the setting and precautions of the competition items. Finally, I announced: "the first family dance competition starts now

The first is ballet dance. I beat grandma easily in the first place. Mom and sister compare, mother won. Father and grandpa, they played hard, and finally grandpa beat dad 14-12. Next, I easily beat my mother and grandpa to the final, and finally I won the championship with 11-5.

The second is jazz dance. Mom won the first place with 200 good results.

The third is Latin dance. Dad won the championship.

The fourth is the tap dance, grandpa is the winner.

The most interesting thing is the fifth inverted classical dance. Only dad, sister and I were involved. But dad just started to twist his feet, and he didn't feel good. Only my sister and I danced perfectly, hanging all the time, sore legs and numb hands. I wanted to relax. But I thought of a saying, "stick to the end, it's victory!" So I stopped and insisted on winning.

The last four games were changed at home because of the hot weather outside. We went upstairs, rested for a while, and went on playing. In a warm atmosphere, my sister won. The second is rumba dance, and I won the championship with perfect results. I still won the championship in the next modern and hip-hop competitions.

Finally, the prize was awarded. I won five single titles in this sports meeting, so I won the all-round gold medal. On the podium, I am happy to raise the medal and the most glorious gold medal. I want to be in the Olympic Games also have children's events how good! At night, I had a dream, dreaming of several more events in the Olympic Games, and I really won a gold medal!

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