Family fun

Family fun

The fun in family is like sand in desert, and it can not be counted; the fun in family is like bright pearl, beautiful and rare; it brings joy and laughter to the dull life. So much, let's have a look at our family fun together!

Rope jumping relay competition

My father and I are both meat eaters. They love meat very much. Therefore, my father and I are also very heavy. Only the vegetarian mother is slim, so mom helps us lose weight.

One day, my mother thought of a way to exercise herself and fun. She said, "let's play a game. The first one should jump twenty ropes, the second one jumps forty. And so on, whoever can't hold on will lose. The winner can reward a big chicken leg tonight. " When I heard that there were chicken legs, my father and I were ready to compete. At the beginning, my dad and I jumped smoothly. But we gradually lost our strength when we got back. When I jumped to the fourteenth, my thigh was cramped, and a buttock sat on the ground, and the referee mother laughed at the spot and burst into tears. I have this naughty bag at home, but bring them a lot of happiness!

"Sit up" of shrimp with skin skin

I remember that there was another weekend when dad bought some fat and big skinned shrimps, which were all living and dancing. I thought of a good idea, and said to my parents, "let's play a game. Let's have shrimp sit up and sit up. In a minute, no one wins, he doesn't have to wash the dishes." Parents immediately agreed that they chose from left to right to find their own "general", a whistle sounded two "generals" began fierce competition, finally, mom with 12-10 scores nearly beat dad, so that Dad directly threw his "general" into the pot to steam. It's funny to have such a strong Dad!

Dance flash

Besides the two interesting things above, my favorite thing is dance flash. My parents, grandparents and grandparents are dance lovers. I have been compromised by their hobbies since I was a child. So one of the activities our family often holds on weekends is dance flash! The family has prepared cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap ballroom dance shoes, cheap ballet shoes, cheap tap dancing clothes, cheap ballroom dance clouds and other various dance equipment. These cheap dance shoes and dance clothes are the dancing flash props. As long as the music rings, we will wear the corresponding cheap dance shoes and dance clothes to finish the corresponding dance. Whoever wears them correctly and wins more. Once the weekend, the joy fills our family. I like these cheap dancing shoes and dance clothes, and I also like the atmosphere of this activity!

Family is like a boat, and every interesting thing is an engine that can drive the boat to move forward happily. I feel very happy to be able to live in such a beautiful family.

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