Finally one day

Finally one day, I can't help thinking of you. It seems that I met you yesterday. You are naive, humorous and modest, which makes me fall in love with you unconsciously. During that period of time, the starry sky suddenly became so beautiful that I even dreamt with deep sweetness in my mouth. Like to see your back, hiding in a corner you can't see silently watching you, happy with your happiness, distressed with your fatigue and sadness. The moment I hurried past you, you smiled at me gently, but I didn't know what to say. I walked away foolishly and buried my love in the most beautiful summer of that year. After leaving you, many days and nights I had the courage to call you the next day, but I could not break the inner defense line. I'm waiting for time, waiting for the return ticket of time. Can you send me to the day when you and I met again, but it's just my own deception after all. Years later, I wonder if I will still feel the same heartache when I recall you and the rainy season in Beijing that summer. How I wish I could take your hand through the winter snow, to see the winter jasmine blossoms, to see the sunset clouds, but I had no choice but to walk into my own hurry and go farther and farther away from you. Hidden tears and pain, still smiling to meet the challenges of life. Sad and helpless, cowardly and unwilling, is life just like this.

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