Five years after graduation

 Looking at July 2015 on the desk calendar not only reminds me that it has been five years since I graduated from college! As time goes by, I have to lament the passage of time and cheap tap dance shoes .

Still remember, reluctantly sent away one roommate after another, and finally only myself was left, dragging a heavy suitcase and looking back step by step. Touching the stone school name and looking back at the campus carrying many, many tears, I couldn't help but fall. The fate with the university is only four years. No matter how much you don't give up, you still have to turn around and move forward. Goodbye, alma mater, goodbye, the last ivory tower in life and cheap tap shoes.

Out of the shelter of the ivory tower, I tasted the ups and downs of life in the melting pot of society. Over the past five years, I have stumbled, confused, hesitant and helpless, and I have followed like a shadow; Hardships, setbacks and failures have tortured me physically and mentally. He once tasted the bitterness of life because of his low salary and unwilling to ask his parents for help; Once hid in the corner to wipe tears because of the rude treatment of colleagues; He was dejected by the distrust of leaders; Once sat alone until dawn in the stormy night. Living in a foreign land, without the care of parents and the comfort of friends, I bear the hardships and difficulties of hard work alone. However, thanks to all setbacks, let me continue to grow; Thank all the people who look down on me and let me keep forging ahead; Thank you for yourself, never give up, bite your teeth and go all the way against the wind and tap shoes.

Over the past five years, how many times have you dreamed of going back to campus. In June this year, the monitor called the students back to school, and I stood at the gate of the school again. When the dream came true, there was a sense of fear of being close to home.

After graduation, the students are working hard on their own career. It is not easy to get together. I haven't seen you in five years. I'm excited to talk about my life in these five years. The ideal is full and the reality is skinny. Some people, some things, some feelings, only after they leave, can they know how precious it is. We didn't say goodbye until the hotel closed. However, we agreed to meet again ten years after graduation, which finally gave a little comfort to the sad parting.

The next morning, I came to the school gate. I know that I will miss it after I leave, or what I always miss is the time when I was on campus. No worries of life, no pressure of work, beautiful and warm campus environment, relaxed and full campus life and simple and pure social relations are intertwined together, creating a crystal clear state of mind on campus and accumulating an unspeakable beautiful feeling. For example, people in Wuling enter the peach blossom garden, such as the garden of Eden in the Bible. Their possession of beauty is always as short as a dream. However, I will treasure that beautiful feeling in the deepest part of my heart.

Students, see you ten years after graduation!

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