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Time flies by, and the "full sky star" social practice team's "three trips to the countryside" activity is nearing the end. In the whole process, with the support of all parties and their own efforts, each sub group performed its own duties and gained a lot of valuable practical experience. As one of the sub groups, the research group naturally has its own unique experience and extraordinary feelings.

Before the "three rural trips" activity, the research team had already started preparations. The research topics received by the team members are related to network multimedia tools. It is difficult to extend a specific research content on this basis. However, after detailed analysis, the team members finally decided to take "the impact of the Internet age on the education of rural primary and secondary school students" as the research topic. After overcoming this obstacle, the team members quickly made and printed the questionnaire, and the preparations were ready.

After arriving at Lotus No. 1 middle school, the research team carried out specific research work. The survey objects of the team members are mainly middle-aged parents, because their children are primary and secondary school students in their adolescence, and they are the main force to meet the impact of the Internet era. These parents also have their own experiences and views in educating their children to cope with the impact of the Internet. In addition to issuing questionnaires, the team members also discussed with parents some issues related to the Internet. Some parents have very original views, which are admirable. In addition, in order to deepen the research topic from multiple perspectives, the research team also specially interviewed relevant leaders and teachers of lotus No. 1 middle school, during which they mainly inquired about the advantages and disadvantages of traditional teaching and multimedia platform teaching.

The investigation tour was successfully completed. The team members had deep feelings about what they saw and heard during the investigation. Sometimes, when going out for research, we need to go to a far place, and it is inevitable to travel a long distance, which consumes a lot of physical energy; Misunderstandings sometimes occur during the investigation, such as being regarded as a "liar". However, most of the parents met were very friendly and had a good conversation with the team members. The whole investigation process also gave the team members a lot of valuable experience and knowledge, and enhanced their communication ability. In short, the team members have overcome the difficulties encountered one by one, successfully completed the research task, and contributed their own efforts to the "man Tian Xing" social practice team.

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