Flowers bloom in my body

Flowers bloom in my body

All the youth vitality of the earth and rivers, like a wisp of cigarette, curled around my heart; The breath of all things in the world blows my thoughts, just like your singing

The world is sleeping

The stars are silent

I waited and watched until your figure passed the moonlight window lattice, and then I fell asleep contentedly

So in the morning, I sing in the mountains

The flowers on the fence answer my song, and the morning wind listens quietly

The wind in the mountains quietly caresses my face, like your warm hand

Leave me at the door of your heart, always waiting for you and serving you

Don't let me sink and disappear into the abyss of loneliness and weariness

Don't let my life become a dust particle because of the infinite time

Don't let the anger tear me apart

Let me stand up straight and lead me to be the prince in your hand with a smile.

Inadvertently saw the movie "Wolf Boy", which was very pure and quiet. I like girls playing guitar and singing "My Prince" to boys in the warm afternoon. It was as quiet as the quiet beauty of sleeping in the depth of time. The light refracted from the window lattice covered the girl's body, warm and sweet, silent beauty. The soft hair in the warm sun is as soft as singing, and the boy's pure and silly eyes are like a soft and sweet painting of old times, which makes the whole thing moved.

The pure love unfolds in the old man's memory. Decades of years apart, light replay. Black and white pictures are beautiful and silent.

Qian weak girl found that the boy was in the autumn night. At that time, the boy was just a werewolf, with sharp nails, unkempt hair and dirty face, dirty and smelly. Because of the girl, the boy appeared in front of people, in a way of wolfing down the food, which made people gasp. At first, the girl didn't like him and was tired of him. However, his mother's retention made the weak girl get used to him gradually, and she had the idea of reforming him. In this way, under the guidance of the girl, the boy learned to listen to the girl and learn her actions.

The girl taught the boy to eat, write, draw and be a normal person. The boy just looked at the girl quietly and foolishly in his ignorance. In the study, the boy liked and attached to that feeling. Always smile gently after learning, and then bend his head to the girl's eyes, waiting for the girl's touch and praise like a puppy. It was a kind of pure baby like Confucian admiration, and also a kind of mother and child like warmth, perhaps with a touch of ignorant love.

I always smile when I watch the boy extend his head to the girl and use his eyes to show that he is waiting for the girl's hand to gently touch his head. Oh, if the time can be kept forever, maybe the boy would like to be so quiet and infatuated with the girl all his life, without feeling the boundlessness of time or the helplessness of the world.

I'm tired of that bad man who is eyeing boys and girls. Maybe this quiet beauty and innocence need to be broken by that kind of viciousness, or it is a contrast. The boy was angry with the girl and let his wolf side show in front of everyone. The girl finally chose to leave because the boy was not hurt.

When seeing the girl beating and scolding the boy in the mountains in winter and telling him not to follow her anymore, to leave, to leave the human race, the boy followed with a silly voice. Finally, in the girl's cry, he slowly said no, and his heart was empty. The boy was able to speak, but he said such two words in such a scene. Perhaps many moving pictures are so opposite and set off, which is called human art or art of life. In fact, in my wish, I really hope the girl can stay. But reality is reality after all, and it is also human beings who control reality in many cases.

The girl left a note for the girl before she left. It said that she would wait for me and I would come back. This is just a comforting message, but let the boy believe that the girl will come back, still gently caress and sigh with her tender and warm hands. The boy waited attentively. In the long wait, he also meticulously played with the flowers and plants left by the girl, and wrote the exercise book left by the girl into a beautiful and plain style.

Once a girl, she has become an old woman with a granddaughter as old as herself. She has white hair. Although her face is still moist and bright, she can't beat the ruthlessness of time. When the white haired girl gently pushed open the dark iron door, the boy in her girlhood was still waiting for her like a sleeping prince. It seems that in the past few decades, she has left the ordinary, just went out a little, then came back, pushed the door, the boy curled up there, his eyes staring at her, waiting for her return, waiting for the touch of her hands. What a feeling that is. Maybe all the good things in the world can only exist in fairy tales. The boy is just like the prince in the fairy tale, sitting quietly in the time waiting, waiting, a gentle touch, a tender sigh.

The woman hugged the boy and sobbed, sorry, I just came back now. I'm sorry, I've been so busy enjoying myself that I forget you. Sorry, I married another man and had a baby. Sorry, I'm so old that my hair is white.

No, it's still as beautiful as you were. Your hands, mouth and eyes are exactly the same

Oh, the same. Yes, the same warmth, the same gentleness, the same feeling. In the boy's mind, such feelings and feelings may have nothing to do with time or with others. It's just his love, his love, his love, his earthliness.

The boy quietly took the yellow note to the woman, and the woman gently unfolded the note that the boy had opened and folded again and again. The pale yellow handwriting waited for me, and I would come back. The boy quietly pointed at the yellow guitar that the boy had repaired. The boy quietly pointed at the mottled table, the yellowed exercise books on which were filled with beautiful handwriting carefully written. The boy is still the boy, the images are still those images, the old time boy, the old time images, the old time love and love.

In the silence of the world, the boy quietly watches the woman's sleep. This quiet beauty is the sweet beauty reflected from the old time, and is also the last love left for the boy.

When the woman finally left again, I was at a loss. I think that women have become all the trajectories of her life, and she should have reason to stay and accompany the boy. However, the woman just left the house quietly. I'm sorry. How to make people feel no pain? The boy's world is always so simple and beautiful, always so quiet and desolate.

He curled up, always curled up, curled up in the old days, waiting, waiting, a person's end of time

The heaven and earth are silent, and the gentle and beautiful song is softly sounded in the wind. When the morning comes, you hold my hand and look into my eyes, and the prince in my dream comes to me like this

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