Life is like tangyuan. Whether you are dragged into the water, thrown into the water, or jump into the water yourself, you are not mature if you do not wade into the muddy water once in your life. Years are the skin, experience is the filling, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy are the taste. In life, it is hard to avoid being pinched, scalded, boiled and bitten. Without experience, it is difficult to become mature. In fact, all experiences are wealth.

Due to limited conditions, I finally went out to solicit sponsorship today after going to the countryside. It's true that everything is not as perfect as you think. At the beginning, I went to a kindergarten run by local teammates and classmates to ask if I could sponsor the cheerleading costumes of our low light social practice team's art party on the 19th. However, due to the limited conditions of the kindergarten, we did not sponsor the costumes. During this period, I felt that the most regrettable thing was that I was a stranger. Not only could I not speak Leizhou dialect, I could not even understand it. They were in a state of confusion during the communication. Next, we drove a small electric car around the Mazhang District in the hot sun to find a shop suitable for sponsoring our practice team. However, the journey was bumpy and not smooth. In addition to the situation that had been thought out in advance, it was difficult to contact the real person in charge of the store because all the employees in the store asked us to leave our own contact information, and nothing behind would be described later. There are also businessmen who say that they don't know what our "three rural trips" are. They even suspect that we are liars or that they are not allowed by the conditions. They also live in poverty and have no way to help us. It is precisely because of these circumstances in Mazhang district that our actions are difficult to continue. Moreover, the businessmen in this area are in dire straits, and it is difficult to provide assistance to our rural residents. In the end, the owner of a document store reluctantly sponsored us with four boxes of signature pens as prizes for student activities. It was not easy to get all this. At the same time, this pull experience also gave me a lot of experience I had never had before.

Compared with the outreach teams of other practice teams, we have not done enough, but after all, our conditions are different from those of others. We must realize that compared with other people's good places, we can certainly stimulate our enthusiasm for work, but we can not compare blindly. It is most important to recognize our own shortcomings. Our team members are very busy as the only local people. The reason for the team is that it is difficult to get sponsorship around the rural areas, and we have not given enough time to the members of the outreach team to solicit support.

In the world, no one can do things smoothly, but I always believe that the misty rain in Pinghu, the mountains and rivers in Shuiyue, which I have passed through, will eventually follow the passage of time

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