Four seasons outside the window

Four seasons outside the window

The scenery outside the window is different for everyone. As the saying goes, "there are flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter." The scenery outside the window also has four seasons.

There is an unattended flower bed outside my window, which is overgrown with weeds. There are only a few giant Persian chrysanthemums and many unknown wild flowers. Outside the flowerbed is a wide lawn. On the lawn stands an old Sophora tree. The morning glory in the flowerbed climbs up the old Sophora tree. On the road outside the lawn, there is an industrious cleaner sweeping the ground every day

It's another warm and beautiful spring. Originally, green appeared on the lawn with withered grass, first bit by bit, then clumps by clumps, and then piece by piece, until the whole lawn was finally covered. At this time, the weeds in the flowerbed also played a small bud, not a few days later, it was all open, colorful. Although the flowers are small, they attract two or three bees and butterflies. Bees and butterflies are dancing on the flowers, which makes me want to put on my cheap dance shoes and dance with them, but I think my cheap tap shoes have cracked, so let it go.Moreover, Niu Hua seems to compare with the wild flowers. He takes out his own trumpet and takes it back every evening.

In a flash, it was hot summer. In early summer, the old locust tree opened a string of locust flowers, fragrant overflowing. At this time, pick a bunch of Sophora flowers, add a dish to the summer dinner - Sophora scrambled eggs, the taste of Sophora flowers will gradually open in your mouth, it seems that there is no taste of eggs, it is all the fragrance of Sophora flowers. In the afternoon, the sun scorched the earth, and only the singing of cicada accompanied me through lazy afternoons.

The weather is getting colder. In the morning, there will be a thin layer of frost on the windows. In autumn, the big Persian chrysanthemums are on the stage. They are all blue flowers, dark blue. That kind of blue is not as shallow as the sky, nor as deep as the sea. That kind of blue is just like blue ink. Autumn sunny days, I like to sit on the lawn with my mother, talking, let the warm sunshine envelop us, for a long time do not want to leave.

It's time for snow to dominate the world. The earth is covered in silver, and the world has become a white kingdom of ice and snow. I went out of the window again, put on gloves, built a snowman and had a snowball fight with my friends. Although winter is cold, it brings me endless fun.

Because there are four seasons, the scenery outside the window is changeable and colorful. Because there are four seasons outside the window, people can feel the arrival of the four seasons, the vicissitudes of the world, only the scenery outside the window has not changed.

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