Friend, I miss you, in a dream.

Friend, I miss you, in a dream.

Meet by chance, as if thrown today. Meet, in that watery summer, we passed by, quietly close.

Drink and have fun, as if it were yesterday. Parting, in that hot summer, we bid farewell in peace and left alone.

Somehow, we haven't been together for a long time, but I inexplicably believe in you and rely on you. We have no blood alliance, but we are sure that we will become good friends. Three years together is like tasting the best wine in the world. The mellow fragrance is slowly and mellow in the washing of time. We don't have amazing friendship or exaggerated behavior. We just read your heart to me in our eyes. I have hesitated for you, rejoiced for you, or even crazy for you, but you don't know, and you don't know why the sweetness in my heart is?

My memory is not good, but the streets and alleys I walked with you, throw them in my mind, and trace the river of memory from time to time to find your shadow. You and I watch movies, buy things, and share wine. There are many ordinary things. How ambiguous my heart is, but how ordinary it seems to you. In this way, your shadow is burned in my heart, but I can't touch your heart.

The once passing clouds across the sky opened the distance between us. But I still keep thinking of you. I don't admit it or dare not admit it. As parents, we run our own small homes. I'm trying to delete your information. You lost my trace, and I lost your sky. However, I still met you in my dream. You still let the reality repeat without mercy.

One lunch, all our good friends got together again. I don't know why or who prepared it. I just remember that you two greeted me, just like when we were together before. You can't understand my mind. He doesn't understand. One side is friendship, the other is love, as if the emotional choice laughed at me again. I looked at your still young faces and thought of the interesting things. The bitterness in my heart surged into my heart. It's better to see than not to see. I miss you silently, the life after you leave, and the time when I was alone with you in the past. I pretended to be calm and laugh with you. My heart has already twisted into a twist. I really want to grab you and hold you in my arms. But the fact is that your sweet smile warms me, and I have no time to take care of others. I look at you blankly. The tears of my lover run across my face and wet this warm dream at this time. You are like the angel in "human ghost love is not over", melting in front of me a little, and my hands stretch far, but empty.

I miss you. I built a world of two people in the night when there is no one; I miss you with heartache. In the days without me, do you keep my appearance, even the shadow; I'm afraid to miss you. In the days without you, you reach far away, but you turn into Acacia and tears fall on your pillow.

Friend, I miss you. Perhaps, the encounter in this life is destined to be a beautiful mistake. For this short-term beauty, I smiled happily. For this permanent stranger, I had to miss you faintly in the lonely night!

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