Friend, is everything all right?

Hi, friend, do you remember? We met for the first time.

It was in the midsummer of the year before last, with the scorching sun. The sun proudly radiated its own heat. Even cicadas seemed to feel hot. They hurriedly hid behind the leaves to find a trace of shelter. They were no longer diligent in singing, but reluctantly elongated their voice and issued a monotonous cicada, protesting the cruelty of the sun.

And I walked quickly into a cold drink shop, ordered an iced coke, sipped and looked around. Finally, I saw you in the corner.

At that time, you wore a simple horsetail, a hair band to simply decorate your thick black hair, long eyelashes flickered, and a light green thin ribbon water skirt was worn on you. Make your white and tender face more beautiful. You drink a cup of lemon tea and occasionally stop to stir, and the ears of lemon fly up and down in the cup. Your eyes are quiet, and you look beautiful and lovely with a faint smile.

I couldn't help but walk over and chat with you. Only then did I know that you came from Jiaxing, a beautiful water town in the south of the Yangtze River. I couldn't help laughing. You asked me why. I said, I saw you, because you are full of the tenderness and talent of women in the south of the Yangtze River. When you smile, your eyes are calm and naughty.

At such a simple beginning, we made friends. After exchanging telephone numbers with each other and saying goodbye, they separated and didn't consider meeting again.

However, just a few days later, I received your call unexpectedly. You said you wanted to ask me out. I was surprised, but I readily agreed.

In this way, you ask me, I ask you, you accompany me to the mall, and I go shopping for hair accessories with you. How happy the days are.

You taught me how to fold a thousand paper cranes. I'm stupid and can't learn, so you taught me. Sometimes, when you are worried, your little mouth pouts and your fingers knock on my head. I am unhappy all over my face. I also pretend to be poor and stare at you to make you happy. You look at me, then smile and continue to teach me.

I asked you to accompany me to buy hair accessories, red, white, purple, blue and black. I was dazzled by the colors. You stand beside me and say it slowly. Don't hesitate. While taking the trouble to help me choose and decide.

What a beautiful summer it was. You played and laughed with me from time to time. The time with you is always happy. That summer is no longer long and difficult because of your company.

However, our friendship is not as long as expected.

You have returned to your hometown, your Jiaxing, your Jiangnan Water Town. Because of your parents' job transfer.

Later I learned that you came here temporarily because of your parents' job transfer. Now that your parents have finished their training and are going home, you naturally have no choice.

It's a pity that after you left, we never contacted again. No matter what it was, we always felt so busy that we didn't even have greetings from friends.

But, my friend, please don't forget that there is a piece of land in the far north of your poetic Jiangnan Water Town, where there is a friend of yours. If one day, you suddenly think of this thick land, please also think of me.

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