Friend is one of the most beautiful terms in the world

People at the end of the world, love in the heart; Flowers are beautiful, and flowers are drunk. Friends, just like this flower; And I can't tell whether falling flowers are dancing in front of me with missing, or whether it's because of the broken heart of a certain flower.

The reality of life is cruel. After our predecessors, people struggle openly and secretly, which makes people feel physically and mentally exhausted everywhere.

Once upon a time, I always thought that computers and the Internet were a good place to really make people happy. I thought they were a piece of clean land and green land for the soul. But who knows, there will be so many things!

Once upon a time, I always thought that in the network, I could liberate the triviality and bondage in daily life; You can go wherever you want, say what you want, do what you want, and talk loudly; I always thought I was a friend when I came. Only at night did I realize that this was not the case. It was also a mistake!

Sometimes I think it's good to have friends; With the love of friends for you, your love for friends, this is a very happy thing. Sometimes, when you are lonely and lost, you will always have some friends and think of many past events, happy and unhappy; At that time, there will be a different kind of gentleness surrounding you and accompanying you! When you are lonely and lost, it will make you happy.

Perhaps, some people will think that friends are not so important; However, for me, friends are really so important. Because in my life, there are many friends who support me, move me, care and tenderness me.

So someone also asked tantan, are there so many friends around us like this? no So what is tantan's friend like?

The so-called can be called friends; You can walk in the rain when you need it; You can indulge in the bar together when you are lost; Can accompany you crazy; You can cry and laugh together

However, today tantan met a friend who was not a friend on the forum. After half a year, they are all laughing and making noise. Hello, I am fine. But today, just because I was joking, I said a joke, but I was haggling over every ounce. It really makes tantan feel tired!

Therefore, tantan calls such a friend a friend who is not a friend. Friends often think of caring in their hearts, focusing on the bottom of their eyes rather than on their lips. Friends can share joys and sorrows; Friends add joy and warmth when they think of them.

Friend, not painting, but he is more beautiful than painting; A friend is not a song, but he is more beautiful than a song; Friends are more like my meaningful essays; Write today and look forward to tomorrow!

The value of friends is not because they have shared joys and sorrows; Friend, the most rare thing is that I still think of you after parting, and I still miss you as my friend!

Although a friend is not eternal, a friend is just a passer-by in our life; However, some friends can become eternal in our hearts. A person will lose a lot of things in his life, but he must not lose friends.

Friends, do not need to get along day and night; The truth of a friend is the heart to heart connection when they look at each other and smile; Between friends, it does not mean that there should be no secrets between each other; Instead, friends should be honest with each other. We don't expect our friends to understand you thoroughly, as long as we can remember "this is my friend".

Between friends, there is no need to haggle over every ounce. Everything should be clearly calculated; If so, how can we be friends? If you insist on being a friend, at best, you can only call it a friend who is not a friend.

The definition of friend is very narrow, but it is also very broad, which depends on how we look at it. The truth of a friend is sometimes like a selfish emotion. You can feel sad and cry for it! Good friends, sometimes the feelings between each other are like family affection, sometimes they seem to be in touch with love, but it is not love!

A good friend is like a beautiful scenery on our way of life, which makes us miss and forget!

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