Friends are also far and near

For a long time, I have been a failure in dealing with people. When I was young, I always felt that I was treating people with a sincere heart, but looking back, there were few people who could really enter my heart.

Why? Because I don't know myself yet, and I haven't entered my heart. If you don't find sincerity, how can you treat others with sincerity; If you don't know yourself, how can you let others know you; If you don't know yourself, you won't love yourself; If you haven't learned to love yourself, how can you love others.

The teacher has said it many times, but his understanding is always superficial. When the opportunity is ripe, he walks into his heart and sees his heart, then he understands the meaning of what the teacher said.

If a person has no foundation of self-cultivation and doesn't understand himself, his heart can't be opened and he can't talk about heart to heart. Heart, can't see, can't touch, but can feel. The heart is inside the body, but it is exposed outside the body. Heart is a true heart of great love. All the trials we have experienced are also looking for this heart.

Sincerity is without regret, and sincerity is equal. This heart is not bound by secular ideas. It goes beyond the scope of individuals and small families. It is to treat people and treat people equally with a clean and uncontaminated heart.

Now to criticize yourself, I am also very calm, and no longer hide my disguised personality weakness. Self centered selfishness is not only an obstacle to the purification of one's soul, but also a magic barrier. The more selfish a person is, the less happiness he will get. Because happiness comes from the heart, selfishness will wrap up their sincerity, the heart light will be buried by ignorance, and happiness will disappear.

Phase from the heart. No matter how well a person disguises, he can't hide his eyes and facial expression. The peripheral activity of the eye and facial nerve is the display of the mind.

In the past, I always thought that Communist thought was a high-profile, just graduated to society, and the level of understanding was also dogma, but now it seems that everything has changed. Communist thought is a very high realm, and people who can't reach their hearts can't receive the connotation. Once we have done so, we will know that Communist thought shines with the light of truth.

For everyone is for yourself, and helping others is helping yourself. This is a proverb that people practice. Just like giving roses and leaving fragrance in your hands, the more you pay for society, the country and others, the light of your own nature will be mined.

Sincere without regret, we often hear such words. It is true. Doing anything from the heart is voluntary, and it is happy to pay for others. Never bargain, never with any personal attempt. Sincerity is equal, kind, inclusive, kind and sincere.

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