Friends are always dear, and brothers are born in adversity

My confidant, my true brother: it has been 445 days since the first letter was sent by pen and ink. Looking back at the pictures in the middle, my heart and cheap dance shoes  is surging.

Full of gratitude, our destined encounter and acquaintance have contributed to the reversal and renewal of my life. When I met, I just broke away from the vortex of the bitter sea for nearly 30 years, forgot the direction of the road ahead and lost my dream. But your vigorous, enterprising, versatile spirit and beautiful products are like a flash of lightning and a blast of thunder, illuminating and waking me up. It made me realize that I used to be the life of an eagle, but now I have adapted to the life of scratching and eating by chickens and cheap tap dance shoes .

You are the model of my youth ideal. I found myself in you. I rejoice in you as a lost and gained relative. There is a kind of unspeakable joy in my heart when I get along with you. Although the age difference is more than ten years, I believe that you are the bosom friend I have been looking for in this life. The burning love prompted me to pick up the ancient way of communication. The long letter and ccheap tap shoes with thousands of words and words, together with a few poems written only for you, carried my heart to you like a "love letter".

After reading the letter, my brother stayed up late to reply to a long letter and wrote a poem for our friendship. A long letter wrapped around my brother's voice and praise for my brother gave it to me. I am willing to treat my brother with all my heart and be a lifelong confidant. My brother's heart is so happy and proud.

In more than a year of exchanges since then, we have helped, known and cherished each other. My life has been infused with youthful vitality because of you, and my life has also been reversed. It seems that I have returned to my youth. I am eager to study and read. I have lost my writing hobby for more than 20 years and found it again. I teach myself to play the piano every day. Pay and harvest are in direct proportion to eternal luck. After more than a year of dedicated pursuit, I have made great progress in writing, playing the piano... All thanks to my younger brother's encouragement and cheap ballroom dance shoes .

The proverb of King Solomon: "a friend is always dear, and a brother is born for adversity." We are not only friends, but also brothers. You once said: Although we are not born, we are brothers. I also wrote between the lines in the poem: true brothers are not close brothers. True brothers are better than close brothers. True brothers are hidden in each other's hearts. In life, we do fulfill our vows. We sincerely love and help each other, pour out our hearts and cheap dance shoes , share sorrow, happiness, laughter and cry.

The strong wind of the environment will destroy our sailing direction and even take our lives away from our standard. In the depressed and depressed environment of the past, I see that my brother has lost his spirit and spirit. I didn't mean to blame or dislike at all. I just felt that I couldn't help my brother out of the environment and blamed myself. The vitality of my brother's life is inspired by my brother. I am also willing to redouble my pursuit, life breakthrough and value promotion, so as to stimulate the revival of my brother's life and dance shoes.

Looking forward to our future, brothers hand in hand, natural and unrestrained, heroic and regretless life.

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