Friends are the most beautiful encounter in your one-way journey

Everyone knows that life is a one-way trip. In this one-way trip, you will meet many fellow travelers. Fellow travelers either arrive in front of you, or with you, or you arrive earlier than others. In short, no one can return. Therefore, during the trip, you should cherish everyone who walks with you, because their peers will make your journey colorful, full of mystery and emotion.


I had nothing to do this afternoon. I came out from my friend's unit and wandered around on the road. I suddenly remembered that I hadn't seen Dr. Gao contact me for several days. I felt bored. Zhang huibaishui, who has been working hard in Xi'an, saw a doctor for my old mother. As friends for more than ten years, we should call on our old friends, so we decided to take turns to greet our friends who came home from a long way, On the afternoon of my first return, I invited several local friends to pick up the wind for Zhang. The friends came as promised and reached an agreement to try Bahe fish house. Everyone came to Bahe fish house one after another. The early comers sat together and chatted and waited for the people who came halfway. The waiter brought dessert and fruit plate during the conversation. We tasted and laughed while we talked and laughed. The brothers arrived and asked the waiter to order Jiangtuan, The waiter said hello and served the food. The light in the private room suddenly went out. Everyone felt very bad. In a word, the waiter brought a candle and lit it in front of doctor Gao. Suddenly, the dark private room lit up a lot. We were still talking and laughing under the weak candle. Soon, the Kung Fu waiter brought another candle and lit it on the table, still in front of friends, At this time, the small party joked and said: Waiter, light another candle. The waiter was stunned and was ready to light another one. At this time, all of us sat laughing. Everyone said to me: No, little girl, tease you. What's another candle? Where have you seen three candles! If you light a candle, do you have to put a tribute! Hehe, hehe, laughing, the waiter also withdrew from the private room with some embarrassment and joked with each other. We were a little impatient to see the time. Dr. Gao immediately urged the waiter: my friend specially wanted to come to you, but I didn't expect it. We were waiting for 10 minutes. If you are not in good repair, we have to go, About a few minutes later, the waiter entered the private room and looked very sorry and said: I'm really sorry. We may have to wait for 30 minutes. There's no way. We all complained: we came to you specially, but we didn't expect to encounter such a thing. We quickly changed to another one. We left bitterly and had to eat. We came to an old shop, yipinhuang Niu. This shop is a very good hot pot shop. I almost invited friends to dinner here, So I'm here to meet my friends tonight.


The next evening, I received a call from Dr. Gao,

Dr. Gao asked: what are the plans for tonight,

I said: I don't have any plans. I just came back from work and wanted to have a rest,

Dr. Gao said: if I arrange, there is no meal, because tonight is Christmas Eve. If I want to arrange, I'll sing a song together. How about that?

Without much thought, I said: whatever you want,

Dr. Gao said: then you quickly contact the small party of Zhang and Wang Bureau (as we call it) and contact the Golden Coast opposite our home

I promised, and then contacted several of them. After negotiation, I drove one by one and went beyond the destination. When we arrived, we didn't get off the bus. Because the temperature dropped sharply and it was very cold these days, so we took the bus to call Dr. Gao. In a short time, Dr. Gao came out of the house. Standing in the wind, Dr. Gao said to everyone: let's go to the opposite Golden Coast to sing. Everyone sat in the car and expressed their opinions. Finally, everyone agreed not to sing and changed to dinner, because the noise in the concert hall was so loud that they couldn't hear each other. For a long time, we couldn't sit together. It's better not to eat in the hotel, but to spend more time chatting. Yes, It's true that there's very little time to sit! But the question arises again: where to eat and chat? After a long discussion, Wang Ju said: tonight, I'll treat you to Bahe fish house and talk while eating. Anyway, I'm looking for a place to chat. Bahe is Bahe. Doctor Gao immediately squeezed into the car and went straight to Bahe fish house. It seems that we didn't eat in Bahe last night. Everyone's heart didn't die. We went to Bahe fish house again.

When we entered the hall, the waiter greeted us warmly and welcomed us one by one. All of us said: will there be no power failure tonight? I ate your dessert last night. Will you give it back tonight? We didn't spend money last night. We came here again tonight. The waiter in the joking room took us into the private room. We ordered vegetables and beer like a familiar road. We had a meal. We had love for decades. The memories of 20 years ago and the imagination of 20 years later are in everyone's joking room.

Just say, I haven't seen Dr. Gao call for two days. After asking, it turned out that Zhang returned to Xi'an. I see. Zhang will return to Baishui in a few days, so Dr. Gao said: when Zhang returns, I'm making an appointment with you. I've been friends for more than ten years. It's rare to sit together

Indeed, in the journey of life, family love will take you all your life and accompany you to the terminal; Friendship is a green leaf, with you, the red flower is more brilliant! In our different life paths, we should cherish our most beautiful encounter.

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