Friends friends friends

There will always be people who know you better than your parents.

You were once the most inseparable people in the world. You ate together, slept together, and even lazy together.

You have promised to be good friends who can't break up, scold and cheat all your life.

You once agreed that the house should be bought in a community, so it is convenient to run away from home in the future, which will save some money.

You once imagined that one day you would walk into the palace of marriage, have a lovely baby together, and then marry through your belly.

You also agreed to grow old together, so as not to be sad to see your lazy face. Because you won't dislike each other.

But in this unfinished plan, you are getting farther and farther away.

In the past, it was always mentioned that "he is my good brother". Now I can only say, "one of my classmates".

In the past, he was always scolded as a jerk in the circle of friends. Now the circle of friends is a cross bar. Even the news of marriage is heard from others.

There is no tear, no face turning, and even no unnecessary words to say. We are in each other's world, from my good to wish you well.

Many times, we think friendship will last forever, but facts have proved that no matter how long the relationship will end without illness.

Some people may ask, do you still need to recover if your friends are separated?

I don't think so.

Everyone has their own choice, and they will meet different people at different stages of life. And all you have to do is don't stop and move on.

On the contrary, what comes reluctantly may not be what you want.

It's better to let the beautiful existence of the past stay in your memory and become the power of your growth.

Even if I never see you again in this life, at least I have met you.

True friendship will not be alienated by the changes of time, and will not be disconnected by thousands of miles apart. But good friends are drifting away.

Perhaps for the friendship of this era, the packaging is very gorgeous and noble. We should not expect too much. After all, life is so long and there are many people we meet.

Perhaps, our former good friends have no intersection with us and become people of two worlds.

But the good food, good habits and good memories they left us cannot be changed.

I'm Yang Xiaoyi. I only write stories in time

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