Friends-How To Be

No matter in life or on the Internet, everyone will have friends. What is a friend? A friend is someone who knows each other and is close to each other. Friendship is the purest, noblest, simplest and most ordinary emotion. It is also the most romantic, moving, solid and eternal emotion. Everyone is inseparable from friendship. You can have no love, but you can't have no friendship; Once there is no friendship, there will be no pleasant harmony in life, and there will be a pool of stagnant water; Friendship is everywhere. She is with you, haunting you and spending your life with you.

< a friend is a meeting >

In the world of mortals, it is fate that friends can meet each other, come together, know each other, understand each other and approach each other. In the life journey of people coming and going, gathering and dispersing and separating, it can be said that it is a kind of luck to meet, gather and meet each other on their different life trajectories and in the heart sea of different experiences. Fate does not exist all the time. We should cherish the hard won fate.

< friend is a kind of acquaintance >

Getting along with friends is a process of mutual recognition, mutual admiration, mutual appreciation and mutual perception. Each other's advantages, strengths, highlights and beauty will be reflected in your mind and have a panoramic view. Even a little valuable friends will become your upward energy and the driving force and source of your lifelong benefits. The wisdom, knowledge, ability and passion of friends are the magnetic force and power that attract you. At the same time, everything about you is also the process that your friends know and perceive you.

< friend is a kind of mutual understanding >

It is a kind of tacit understanding of each other's hearts. Your gestures, smiles, words and deeds, even a look, an action, a back, a look back, friends will understand, do not need each other's explanation, do not need to talk, do not need nonsense, do not need to publicize, will be heart to heart. It is the most gentle, comfortable, carefree and beautiful artistic conception.

< friends are companionship >

Friends are those who help, inherit, accompany and assist each other on the long road of life. She is a basin of cold water sent by you when you are bored, when you are bored, when you are lonely, when you are intoxicated or happy, and when you are proud, when you are kind. Feel the deep feelings of friends in talking and listening, and constantly shake hands and appreciate in communication and contact.

< a friend is a kind of help >

On the road of life, friends can keep you out of the wind and cold, divide your sorrow, and relieve your pain and difficulties. Friends will always lend a hand of friendship. She is an escalator when you climb, a dose of medicine when you are injured, a bowl of white water when you are hungry and thirsty, and a leaf boat when you cross the river; She is the most valuable and real thing that money can't buy and can't be ordered. Only sincerity can buy.

< friend is a kind of Acacia >

Friends are each other's concerns, thoughts, concerns and dependence. Missing is like an endless river, like a gentle flowing cloud, like a fragrant stamen, like a lingering flute. Sometimes she is also a kind of light memory, light tea tasting and light resonance.

< friends are a kind of mutual brilliance >

Friends are like the stars and the moon in the night sky. They shine on each other, shine on each other, encourage each other and look at each other. Friends are embedded in silent love. They don't have to meet each other day by day. What lasts forever is heart to heart; Friends don't have to be flattered. Nodding may be flattering; Sometimes it's fun to shine from afar?

Flowers bloom only when they fall, and gather only when they are scattered. If you don't have that helplessness, how can you cherish it. We always spare no effort to pursue that lasting forever. We always try our best to keep that result, but we don't know that the sky is old and the earth is desolate. How can there be constant love in this world? But I don't know if I ever had beauty, I don't need to force any results. Many things in this world are not eternal, many things in this world have no results, but beauty is still beautiful, and glory is still brilliant. Why bother about the length of time, and why go around looking for causes and consequences. When parting, if we can hold hands and cherish each other, why must we stay together and repeat those many trivial years! The so-called flowers will still bloom at the bottom of the sea when we wave our hands. Although we can break up with the beautiful meteors in the past, we will not shake our hearts again. So all the days are easy, so all the loads are sweet, so there will be no regret, so there will be no regret and regret, so the past will become a memory, so what we have today will not be helpless. What you have will never be lost. What you don't get doesn't need to be pursued. It's yours. It's yours sooner or later. It's not yours. It will never belong to you. As long as you don't worry about eternity. Don't regret what you lost, don't miss yesterday, just care about what you once had.

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