Friends in October

These years, I have been alone, and I have gone through the wind and rain. Have had tears have fault, still remember to adhere to what. True love will understand, will be lonely will look back, you will eventually have a dream in your heart. Friends have never been lonely, you will understand them. There are still injuries and pains, and I have to go. Friends go together all their lives, those days no longer exist, a word for a lifetime, a cup of wine for a lifetime.

What is a friend! A friend is a cup of hot tea in our hands when we stand in front of the window and enjoy the falling snow in winter; A friend is an umbrella we hold in our hands when we walk in the summer rain; Friends are the spring breeze that temporarily blows away the depression of winter in our hearts in the spring; A friend is the cup of wine we enjoy in the whispers of autumn during the harvest season.

We know each other because of October, we also know each other because of the Internet, and we also know each other because of our common interests.

Although we have never really met, I am very happy to chat with him every time! For me, this is enough. Whenever I am in a bad mood, I always think of him. He always brings me a lot of laughter, and I become happy when I am unhappy. Maybe we are aspiring investors, so we have a good chat every time! I like to chat with my older friends. I think they are more mature in all aspects. So I like to chat with those mature people. No matter they are right or wrong, they can handle it calmly. I learned from their calmness in handling, and I learned that they can calm down no matter what they encounter. I like to chat with people like that, and I can improve myself.

My world is not big and I don't have many friends. Maybe this is my character. After all, I have been cheated by my friends. Maybe it's for this reason that I don't like making friends very much. So many times I am a person, I am used to a person's life. Maybe because of this season, I found I was wrong. It turns out that in my heart, I long for friends. But that friend's injury had a great impact on me, and I can't forget it until now. But I am also an ordinary person. I need friends. My heart is very contradictory. I clearly need friends, but I can't accept friends. That is the injury that I will never forget. What is a friend? A friend should be a heart to heart exchange, but I am! But I was cheated by my trusted friends. At that time, my heart was full of darkness. My sky was originally clear, but the injury, my sky is no longer clear, but a dark.

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