Friends in the snow

Two excellent friends met Kaner one after another. Friend a went to the detention center and friend B went to prison. For a time, those evil friends who usually surround them and rely on them to eat and drink are birds and beasts

Birds and animals scattered. At first, some people did not show mercy. They booed the cold and asked for help. They helped take care of their families. But there are still fewer and fewer such people. Friend a came out faster. It was only eight months. There were fourorfive friends who never left. After unrelenting appeals, friend B escaped from prison two years later. There were only oneortwo of his friends left.

Things are different from people. When we get together to drink, we all feel the coolness of the world. Friend a may feel that he has many friends, so he comforts him. B said, "late rice is good. It's not a bad thing to have few friends at this time. The big eye baskets sift smoothly, but they sift out less debris. Although the small eye baskets sift astringently, they must sift out good noodles."

When I heard this story, I was sitting on the balcony watching the snow fall. "Green ant new fermented grains wine, red clay small stove. It's snowy in the evening. Can you drink a cup?" This is almost a well-known "ask Liu Xixi". Bai Juyi cooked wine for his friends before the snow fell. The wine ants are green and the fire is bright. My friends come to the stove and sit down. They talk at night. The snow outside the window has already floated. The wine smell is stained with snow dance, which is beautiful and romantic. What kind of person will the friend sitting opposite you be? What kind of person could it be? What kind of people are they actually?

I suddenly felt unimaginable to associate the kind of friends with snow. On a sunny day, a friend who talks with you about the wind direction of the solar terms of heavy snow and light snow should be the most common kind of friend who wears clothes, eats tea and rice? So the friend who talks about poetry and Taoism with you when snowflakes roam around should be the kind of friend who plays zither and zither in a pleasant and elegant way. A friend walking hand in hand in the snow should be a confidant. A friend who offers help in time of need should be a sincere person—— Is this one of the most affectionate friends?

However, No. And after the snow. I remember one year when there was heavy snow, everyone called friends and friends to go out to make snow. After living in the snow, the temperature drops sharply and the snow road is dirty. There is a long and clear sound of snow melting under the eaves every day. When you have to go out, the trouser legs must be glued with mud. As a result, everyone stayed in the house, and few people went to the cold world. "It's not cold when it snows, but cold when it snows."—— How meaningful the common saying is. Just like when a short-term disaster comes, there will still be many people to help with the waste heat. But if you are stuck in the well all the time, there will be fewer and fewer hands willing to stretch out.

It is extremely cold when the snow disappears. It goes without saying that people standing in the process of snow removal are as vulnerable and lonely as naked. And too many people are used to icing on the cake, and many people are used to providing timely help - this is another icing on the cake. Even when dealing with disasters, they like to just line up the moment when the atmosphere is lively. Then came the ordinary and simple snow elimination time: a bundle of wood, a stack of copper plates, a pair of old boots, a square towel, a pot of boiled water, a bowl of pickles... Are you still friends when you come again? He is the family member imprinted in your life, the family member who has built a blood relationship with your heart, and the family member who is worthy of your hug and kiss with all your sincere tears.

I respect my friends who live in clothing, food, tea and rice, enjoy playing zither, walking hand in hand, and cherish those who provide help in time of need. And my ideal is a friend in the snow. I hope that if I encounter snow in the future, I will have some friends who will spend the snow. Even if there is only one, I will regard it as great happiness—— Of course, I don't want my friends to encounter snow, but when the snow is drifting, I hope I'm the kind of friend who can eliminate the snow, and the kind of friend who can knock on the door knocker on a lonely night.

Therefore, when I secretly hope to become friends with that person and I don't want to get close because of his momentum, I will think despicably: if he were in the snow, how wonderful it would be. At that time, my footprints were engraved in the mud and would be as clear as plum blossoms.

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