Friendship has nothing to ask for

The dislocation of friendship comes from our own confusion.

Some precious predestination has been lost, but the boring relationship is still being watered. If you water it, it will grow. It will cover the sky and block out the sun. It will grow like a net. You can't blame it.

Who would have thought that life, which began with looking forward to friendship, was stuffed with friendship and did not know who he was. When Chuan ruikangcheng committed suicide, his last words were "too congested". It can be seen that congestion is fatal. We will play a little harder than him. We also have the opportunity to shout to ourselves in the face of congestion: what kind of friendship do you want.

This question can only be answered by ourselves. However, it is ridiculous that most of our answers do not belong to us. What can be spit out is the voice of early teachers, loving elders and old works.

They say that friendship comes from a common cause. This is a beautiful statement, but we should note that there is a fatal ambiguity here: Generally speaking, career seems to be always connected with ideal struggle. In fact, how can it be so solemn in daily life? The elders who used to be solemn liked to use big words. What they said was career. Is it the basis of friendship to be in the same profession? Of course not. If it happens, it can not be inverted. Can emotion be attached to merit, can friendship be subordinate to making a living, and can friends be limited to colleagues?

Who they are; Rely on your parents at home and your friends when you go out. This statement shows the importance of a friend and the value of a friend lies in being relied on. However, can we become friends without reliable practical value? Can all the people who help you be friends?

For some reason, we, a nation lacking in business thinking, put so much emphasis on principles and exchange principles in our friendship.

True friendship does not depend on anything, career, fortune or identity, education, location or situation. Its own rejection of utilitarianism, ownership and contract is the mutual echo and confirmation between independent personalities. It makes people independent but not solitary, and interprets the meaning of existence. Therefore, the so-called friends are just those who make each other live warmer and more comfortable.

Among the thousands of good words about friendship at all times and in all countries, I especially agree with the poet Herbert: a friend who doesn't ask for anything from us is a true friend. A true friend should have the nature of "having nothing to ask for", once he has something to ask for. "Seeking" becomes the goal, but friendship turns into an external decoration.

I believe that at least half of the friendship in the world is corrupted by desire, even if the content of the request is not a bad thing at first sight. Let friendship share sorrow, let friendship promote work... Friendship has become a busy tool, what is it. In fact, we should remove the burden of friendship and make friends relaxed. A friend is a friend. In addition, there is nothing to ask for.

In fact, friends who have nothing to ask for are the most rare. You might as well close your eyes and try. Delete the friends who have something to ask for one by one. How many are left in the end?

The friendship between Li Bai and Du Pu may be the most recommended in the history of Chinese culture except for Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi, but their exchanges are also so short. It was too late to get to know each other, and it was too hasty to say goodbye. After Li Bai wrote a farewell poem: "Feipeng is far away from each other, and makes the cup in his hand", the two never met again. The affectionate dupe was missing Li Bai. No matter where he was, there were unforgettable poems. Li Bai should also be missing! However, he walked liberally and made a wide range of friends. Dupe's name never appeared in his poems again. It seems that there is a huge imbalance here, but the best feelings in the world are not based on imbalance. Even if Li Bai no longer misses, dupe also makes a unilateral good commitment. Li Bai has nothing to ask of him, and he has nothing to ask of Li Bai. Friendship is profound because there is nothing to ask for, no matter whether they are balanced or unbalanced. "Two trees that talked loudly for a long time in summer saw each other's yellow leaves falling in the autumn wind. They were quiet for a moment and said goodbye to each other. See you next summer!

There is a profound imbalance: I really want to live for you, but I am extremely tired. You didn't arrive before the end of my life. Just for the last look at you, I just fall here.

Friendship, falling without asking

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