friendship in silence

The tears of a friend are unforgettable in the past few days. We have known each other for more than ten years, that is, we have only approached in recent years, because familiarity can say nothing but personal feelings. Because it's the opposite sex, the number of conversations together is actually very small. It's just to sit together every other day, during recess or leisure, or she comes to my place or I go to her place.

There is no contact at all during the holidays, that is, only when we go to work can we sit down and talk together. However, their work is very busy, and it is impossible to chat. That day, I went to her because of work. She was just idle, so she sat down and talked to each other about her life and study during this period. About an hour later, I was about to leave because of something. Unexpectedly, when I said the last few words, her eyes turned red, and then there were tears. She tried not to let me see it, but I saw it. I couldn't speak. I just simply asked her what she was unhappy about. She said, No. In silence, I left.

I don't have many confidants. There are only a few confidants who have been with me for many years. Maybe my spiritual space is too small. I always feel that too many friends will dilute my friendship. As the saying goes: a bosom friend is enough in life. In fact, for me, life is full without confidants. There are no heterosexual friends among my confidants. Maybe I haven't met them yet, or maybe I don't want to meet them in my life.

In recent years, the word "friend" has become rampant. It is often a partnership of interests. Without interests, the relationship of friends will disappear. When money is profitable, friends pile up, and everyone knows that those gathered under power are not villains but also shameless people. Fortunately, I have no right or money. I just like to do what I can when others are in trouble. I don't expect others to be grateful. I will only remember the people who are kind to me and those who meet by chance to help me. However, I can't give others more returns. I can only be silent. Bi Shumin said: "silence itself is understanding and friendship". Yes, saying too many sweet words is too hypocritical. Trying to do something for others will be self defeating. There is only silence. It's better to understand. I think it's OK to remember him.

In people's impression, friendship is a very generous word, but in the face of heterosexual friends, it is difficult to make it clear that they are not afraid of people talking or afraid, not afraid of people's jealousy, suspicion or fear, not to mention that they are both married people. In our society, the lovers of both sides will not tolerate such friendship. She shed tears. I know she cherishes this friendship. I once told her that when we were old, we would go to the nursing home to tell stories. She smiled. Who can tell the future? But I want to give her such a hope. In the face of this moment, my heart is full. It is normal for friends to gather less and scatter more. Even if they don't meet for a few days, the friendship will stick firmly in my heart, can't be lost, can't be lost, and won't fade or change color.

Friendship needs to be maintained. Some people use money and others use profits, but in the end, it needs time to test. If it doesn't get better, it may fade. From this point of view, friendship is also fragile. In fact, it doesn't matter what to maintain. The key is that thousands of gold can't buy trust. There is no trust in the friendship of mutual use. I make friends with kindness. Kindness is a kind of wisdom, a kind of foresight, a kind of self-confidence, a kind of spiritual strength and a kind of spiritual peace (Wang Meng's language). Kindness and love are my kindness. I don't need to invite guests to dinner and give gifts. As long as I can sit down and talk to my heart, I can be satisfied. Mixed with lies, concealment and hypocrisy, behind the jubilation is a bland friendship. One set before the other and another set after the other. Everyone will realize that this is a kind of abnormal, morbid and unhealthy communication, which only makes people live more tired. If you give your heart to such a friend, you can only ask for trouble, so some people will never become friends.

In the face of heterosexual friends, my love can only give a little help. It's not that my friends are not beautiful enough to confuse my mind, but that I don't have unreasonable expectations from the bottom of my heart. Isn't it a win-win joy to sit down and talk and laugh and solve the psychological knobs? There are times when my friends know I'm good at smoking and often bring a box of cigarettes. I forget this after I finish smoking. I remember my friend's thoughts. What I remember is not cigarettes. The more I smoke, the faster I forget. The things that gave me cigarettes will be forgotten first. Just remember that talking with friends will produce a kind of vitality, a kind of vitality that enriches the living state and working state, a kind of happiness after overcoming troubles and vulgarity, and an emotion of mutual understanding and mutual awakening of mutual hope.

I'm leaving. She's crying. I'm speechless. Pure friendship, no unreasonable expectations, leave a kind of love and treasure in my wordless, I hope she can understand this silent understanding, this silent friendship. I remember she always asked a question, why can you write so many words and why there are always so many words to write? The ancients cleared their hearts with tea and I cleared my heart with literature. There is no vanity and affectation, nor elegance and grace. It's just a way of life, a sigh for a beautiful moment, and a form of memory. Maybe I was smoked to death when I couldn't enter the nursing home. Leave these words as if I were telling a story to my friends.

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