Friendship is a lamp. The more you turn it on, the brighter it becomes

The most precious thing in the world is not wealth, but a sincere friendship. Because wealth is not permanent, but friends are rare confidants in life. Friendship is flowers to enjoy. Friendship is wine to intoxicate people. Friendship is hope to make people work hard. Friendship is a driving force to push people forward. The world of friendship is pure because of selflessness. Colorful space is warm because of friends' blessings. It is not alienated because of busyness. It is not forgotten because of the erosion of time. Autumn flowers and winter snow, Summer goes and autumn begins. Although the seasons change, my concern has not changed. I wish you a fruitful autumn. May our friendship always be a colorful spring.

Friendship is like a rainbow, coloring our life; Friendship is like a lamp, illuminating our souls; Friendship is like a clear spring, moistening our lives; Friendship is like a stove, which warms our life! Friendship begins with a word of predestination, friendship is all continued by a word of faith, and friends are all long-term by a word of heart! Friendship is deepened in space, friendship is truth-seeking in the passage of time, intentions are candid in space exchanges, distance is close in mutual greetings, and wishes are verified in mutual blessings. Sincerely wish friends happiness every day... Friendship is sunshine, let the soul grow together! Friendship is spring rain, let smiles bloom! Friendship is wings, let happiness fly side by side! Friendship is a sail, let beauty sail all the way! Friendship in the heart is a sweet melody; Good friends in mind, is a warm beauty.

Wish you happiness forever, good things again and again! Friendship is a thousand miles away. Friendship is as deep as sea music. It is difficult to stop the network situation. After a long period of wind and rain, friendship is a lamp. The more you dial, the brighter your friendship is a river. The more you flow, the deeper your friendship is a flower. The more you open, the more beautiful your friendship is a wine. The more you age, the more fragrant your friendship is. May our friendship last forever, and may your dear friends be healthy and happy! Friendship is a rainbow, incomparably beautiful friendship is a river, never-ending friendship is a pine, evergreen all the year round! The most precious thing in life is life. The most important thing in life is friendship. Every warmth and friendship in the world, and every concern and blessing among friends are a blend of soul and soul. I cherish every friend who is destined for me in life and sincerely wish my friend well-being, happiness and happiness!

Sincere friendship will not forget persistent feelings will not give up forever friends will not be separated sincere greetings regardless of seasons I wish a friend a happy life friends is a kind of mutual understanding. A friend is a kind of telepathy, a kind of tacit understanding. Every word, every word and every sentence of my friends make me feel that it is the most gentle, comfortable, joyful and beautiful artistic conception! I wish my friends happiness and happiness forever. The ends of the earth are close at hand, accompanied by poems on screen. I will cherish every sincere friend. Everyone's space is a beautiful world. In this world, I see sincerity and fraternity, and feel emotions that I can't feel in life. I wish my friends happiness forever!

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