Friendship is breadth, love is depth

It is said that love is the sublimation of friendship, but the sublimated friendship is so ethereal and elusive. Friendship is so pure and plain. It always makes people feel at ease. You don't have to sleep and eat for a friendship, worry about gain and loss. You just need to treat each other with sincerity and honest management, and it can grow well. But love is somewhat cruel and illogical. Love is selfish. It always belongs to something between two people, and there is no room for the intervention of a third party; Love is unreasonable. There is no reason for its ups and downs. On the contrary, for example, falling in love with a person without any reason is called love at first sight; There is no reason to break up, which is called good gathering and good dispersion and tap dance shoes.

Friendship is a kind of breadth, love is a kind of depth. If the sublimation of friendship between the opposite sex is love, why should people sublimate it? Is sublimation to give it a gorgeous appearance, in order to add a few romantic atmosphere, but has lost its original purity since then, so why? Just like the flawless white snow, in order to have more emotional appeal, I inserted a charming red rose in it, leaving a row of black footprints and cheap tap dancing shoes . Isn't that even more a bad sight?

Friendship is like a big tree. Through spring, summer, autumn and winter, severe cold and heat, no matter how the leaves turn green and dry, no matter how the seasons turn, trees or trees will not change; Love is like a flower. Although there are magnificent flowers all over the place in spring, it is inevitable that it will not experience the desolation of withered flowers and stamens; Although the flower will come in the spring of the next year, it is not the flower of last year.

Ever remember? The sad difference between the husband and wife who "hold hands and look at each other with tears in their eyes, and do not speak and choke" in the continuous drizzle. Send your husband thousands of miles, thousands of lines of tears. At this time, there are countless changes and unpredictable... When I look back on the days without him, how can I resist the invasion of that sense of emptiness and desolation? At midnight, in the dead of night, how desolate is the loneliness of keeping an empty room alone. Do you still remember the heroic act of "persuading you to make a cup of wine and cheap tap shoes , leaving the Yangguan pass in the west without an old friend" to send off your old friend? How straightforward and heroic it was to send friends with wine. All the friendships were given to wine. Words seemed so pale at that time. No matter what, the friendship is still there. "Old friends gather chicken and millet, and invite me to Tianjia" why must we witness generosity and romance under the green of Deng red wine? Why should we be moved in the candlelight dinner room? As long as it is true to make friends

If love is the further development of friendship, it is a closer step. So the distance here is really one China and the United States. Just like looking at a golden Maple from a distance, if you really want to get close, maybe you will find the mottled trunk and the tattered leaves and tap shoes. In this way, the original beauty will be greatly reduced, and there will inevitably be some disappointment of being cheated. Just as some breakup lovers who can't even make friends lament there, why should they have known so early. The friendship between friends is always a beautiful girl with a mysterious veil. In order to maintain the mysterious beauty in our hearts, why do we have the heart to open that thin veil?

If friendship is the flower of spring and love is the fruit of flowers, let our friendship be a Fig. If the friendship towards love is said to be perfect, then we would rather keep the incomplete forever, because the incomplete is another kind of noble beauty!

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