Friendship is like a faint fragrance of flowers

If love is a glass of mellow wine, sweet and rich. For me, friendship is like a faint fragrance of flowers. You can ignore its existence, but it will appear in time when you really need it. Or a happy smile when happy, or a warm word when sad. I always think that people can live without love, but they can never live without friendship. Although love is sweet and beautiful, it is wine after all, which makes people intoxicated and dizzy. But friendship, a true friend, will be your spiritual sustenance, will give you a word of encouragement when you are discouraged and desperate, and will give you a shoulder to rely on when you cry. Will be your happy time, sharing your happiness.

People often say that if one happiness is shared by friends, then happiness will become two. If a pain is shared by a friend, then the pain will become half. It is a precious treasure to have a sincere friendship and one or several true bosom friends. A man without friends is a poor man even though he is materially rich, because his heart is empty and he just buys himself comfortable enjoyment with his own money, but his spirit is lonely. And there are a few bosom friends who treat each other with all sincerity. Even if they eat only meagre food, they are happy. The so-called "a thousand cups of wine are few for a bosom friend". It is the happiest thing in life to put a small round table, fry a few dishes, and drink a little wine with a few good friends.

Deep in my heart, I attach great importance to feelings. Although I am clumsy and can't say sweet words, I always remember the kindness of others. I often think that I am so lucky. As naive as a child, I always get help from others. I am deeply grateful to those who have helped me. Sometimes a loving look and a warm word will be like the fragrance of flowers. The most precious thing in life is life. The most important thing in life is friendship. Every warmth and friendship in the human world, and every concern and blessing among friends are a blend of soul and soul. I cherish every friend who is destined for me in life and wish my friend well-being, happiness and happiness!

Love is an eternal topic of human beings, and I have read and written more, or sad and beautiful, or sweet love, which can no longer make waves in my heart. But friendship, like the faint fragrance of flowers, lingers in my heart. Thank you for your warm hands and loving eyes. Every word, every word and every sentence of my friends make me feel that it is the most gentle, comfortable, joyful and beautiful artistic conception! The ends of the earth are close at hand, accompanied by poems on the screen. I will cherish every sincere friend. Everyone's space is a beautiful world. In this world, I see sincerity and fraternity, and feel emotions that I can't feel in life. I wish my friends well-being and happiness! happy forever!

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