Friendship is like a song

One more friend is one more vision, and one more friend is one more ray of sunshine. The most cherished thing in the world is friendship. In this windy and rainy world, walking through the lights every day and night, I feel numb in the intoxication of better days and cheap tap dancing shoes . Friendship is a pure land. What is more eternal and unforgettable than friendship? Friendship is sacred, pure as a spring and meaningful as a poem. I opened my heart to friendship. Although this is somewhat frivolous, but the heart is very real! Friendship makes many poets sigh for it; Friendship, so many chivalrous men are called; Friendship makes many lovers cry for it!

After more than 40 flat spring and summer, what we get from illusion and confusion is awakening, pain and lesson. Life is difficult, we should face it correctly; Life is difficult, we should take it easy; Life is difficult, we should redouble our efforts.

In my 40s, should I close the window of friendship and stay at home and cheap tap shoes ? Outside the window is a colorful world and a brilliant spring of fireworks. I'm not willing to be a catcher of spring and feel spring. Is it wrong? Picking a few pieces of pure green is not too much. It is also a true confession to the world and friendship! People say they don't love the world of mortals, but they love the world of mortals more! Therefore, I carefully opened the watchman's window and changed from a watchman to the master of spring. Do not look back, go straight to the scenery, go straight to the spring smoke. No more juvenile frivolity, bid farewell to flashiness and hypocrisy, and leave a sky of trust for friends!

A man who laughs at the wind and rain has a lot of worn soles. However, he has not stepped out of the road. He is used to seeing failure and the scenery. I am an optimist. I never intend to save myself and become a proud and lonely thinker. Do you really have so many things you can't let go of when you go through life? Do you really want to turn yourself into a lonely person who forgets both sadness and joy and tap shoes? I can't do it. Sorrow and music can make me move until I cry. Therefore, my behavior is pure and sincere, without any affectation!

At night, everything familiar to the day is far away, and neon lights are on. In such a night, I lit the stars for my friends. Whether it's today or in the distant future, as long as the stars are bright, there will be a friend wishing him peace and happiness!

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