Friendship lasts forever

No matter how many years I have gone through, no matter how many miles I have traveled, I deeply remember the way I knew you.


Once I met you in the classroom of junior middle school. You sat quietly in your seat with a book in your hand, slowly turning the pages, and the afterglow of the sun reflected on your face. At first, I didn't dare to go up and talk to you. I just stood and watched silently. I was surprised that I had a good seat in the Encyclopedia of plants one day. I asked if we had a good seat in the Encyclopedia of plants.


After study, we went to the botanical garden to observe plants, arguing over the name of a plant; Obstruct the way of ants together; Lie down on the stone table and play flying chess together; Discuss animation information together during recess. As soon as we get to the place of interest, we jump up excitedly. When you encounter problems in your studies, discuss them carefully and solve them.


After the high school entrance examination, you were admitted to a different school from me. From then on, we went our separate ways and had little contact.


One morning, I got up as usual, habitually turned on my mobile phone and checked the news of the day. Suddenly, a text message flashed on the mobile phone screen, so I opened it dubiously, and my heart warmed up after reading it. You wish me a happy birthday in your message. Only a few words are so shocking and kind.


True friendship is a glass of mellow wine. The longer the years, the thicker the taste; True friendship is a cup of elegant tea. The longer the time, the longer the aftertaste will remain!

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