Friendship of doing and cherishing

To you far away:

Dear friends, all the words related to love are really hard to say from my mouth. I don't know whether I cherish this love too much, or whether the tide of missing will drown people in the tide of time at any time, so I chose to tell you my love in this way. From parting to now, although it is only a few months, it has been as long as several generations, but the appearance of things that are even older still clearly emerges in my mind. I am like kapok in spring, always waiting for another meeting in that season.

As we grow up, we are always accepting the gifts given to us by the years, such as missing hearts, mature thoughts, for example, the years always leave traces of its past on our faces, so as to verify our reunion and separation. For example, we have such courage for words that we have never spoken. I like the gifts of such years. I always think I am a rational and sad person, but I have been well verified by you. My dependence on you seems to have become a part of my body, which I can't give up. You know I like the past so much, and I have escaped from sadness again and again. You know I want to escape from the crowd so much, but always take me away from the crowd again and again. So, indulge in your love. This kind of feeling between lovers can not be understood, how can it be a clear friendship. This makes me miss so much now. I keep greeting. Is the sun still bright there? Is new snow coming in this cold season? In that new intersection, will the memory have faded? What steps do you take to walk out of the life line every day? Will you miss your me so much? Perhaps, missing is really a wind that will bring you and your response.

I still remember the beginning of the rendezvous. Destiny is always full of miracles. Miracles are all unexpected rendezvous. At first, when I stepped into the gate, I had already formed a cocoon in my heart. I didn't like noisy people and liked to wander alone. I thought that I was destined to wander all my life. It was a desolate place where my soul could not be converted. With this conviction, I walked into the siege belonging to me and wrapped myself heavily. I didn't want to be disturbed by chaotic people. This is how the little snail hid in its own small shell, Quietly indulge in their own world. You are the moment when my memory is deeply locked. In that strange crowd, you put my eyes into it. In this way, the intersection of eyes has aroused my memories that are too far away. Because I cherish them, I have cherished them. I remember those friends who now don't know where they are scattered. In this way, we know each other. Get up together every day, eat together, go to class together, go shopping together, talk about life and death together, talk about the common feelings of the world together, too many times together, it is always endless. Only when we express our inner feelings to you can we know that we have really experienced too many days together.

But I always don't want to think of the days when we were separated. We don't want to give up. We must remember each other and keep in touch with each other. No matter where we are in the future, we should never forget our former friends. Just say it sentence by sentence, and then cry. I still remember that night, standing under the dark night sky, feeling the wind of parting, from tears to irrepressible words, the sad wind will always send appropriate emotions at the right time. Each other's emotions infect each other. Everyone cries together. In this way, from happy to sad, it turns out that we all have. The life of youth is always easy to be infected, and it is also too easy to have a sad parting. Why is it so gratifying to be born now. In that day when we can laugh and cry as we like, we should laugh happily and cry loudly to express our inner feelings. But not now. Maybe when people grow up, they have too much helplessness, too much sadness, lost their past smiles, and want to cry but can't cry heartily. I don't know if you have such feelings. Sometimes you want to cry, but you can't cry. You don't know that tears don't want to care. I don't want you to feel sad when I tell you this today. Life gives us different responsibilities and plays different roles at different times of life. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine, and so will you.

Don't say I'm nagging like an old man, but I can't help asking, how are you in that distant place today? Are there any disappointments at work? Did your mother urge you to marry earlier when you grew up? How are your new friends treating you? There are too many questions to ask. In fact, we are very clear in our hearts. Sometimes we know each other like this and know what kind of life they like. No matter how we make people speechless in the eyes of others. But still with that meager strength to stick to that point once put into the bottom of my heart. We are always unable to resist the reality of helplessness, but no matter what, the once heart is always there.

Last night I had a dream, in which we went back to the past and the days together, but the color of the dream was very hazy. I don't know how many nights this dream has been with me. Your name can always be called clearly in the dream. After waking up, it is still the boundless night, still sleeping with the faint memory. There are too many ends of the earth, but we are not at both ends of the earth, not two parallel lines without intersection. I know that one day, when we want to stay away from our present life to the seaside, to the cliffs, to the places we once dreamed of, we will walk together, feel the miracle of life, breathe the oxygen given by nature, breathe the freedom of life, and sing our favorite songs and write here, I suddenly felt that I was ready to move, but I was still not mature enough. I wanted to do it when I thought of it, and I wanted to put aside all the constraints. I am waiting for the opportunity that belongs to us. I am waiting for the day when we are in groups. I carry my luggage, wear my hat, and set out with great vigour. Do you hear me? These are the days of our dreams. They are waiting for us.

Friends, no matter whether you are sitting in the office or walking on a road, the road may be rough. I hope you can face it happily, and the sun will come to your face. Life is so bright and colorful after all., As the weather gets colder, remember to add clothes to keep warm.

Sitting in this office, writing down this paragraph, maybe tomorrow I will be far away, just as a little memory of it, and miss you heartily at this moment. Friends in the distance bless you forever!

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