Friendship stationery


The world is so big that love leads all over the world. The only movement is commendable -- a hymn of friendship!

A sincere friendship is as comfortable as a fish in water. I met many people and benefited a lot from them. There is a vast sea of people. Meeting is a kind of fate. Thousands of reasons are far different. It can be said that those with the same aspirations do not agree with each other, and those with the same aspirations do not have the same aspirations, which is also solid. The rest plays an important role in me and my life. You are one of the few girlfriends in life.

Remember, we met the year after junior high school. I was terrified when I joined the school, but now I am grateful. Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautiful opportunity to give me this precious friendship! what about you? Do you feel the same as me? Well, I believe so.

You and I can become a best friend because we are in harmony and complement each other. I have learned a lot from you. When dealing with people, we should learn to be strong, firm and persistent. Your stubbornness that you are not a hero until you reach the great wall also deeply attracts me! Your concern makes me feel very close and makes me firmly believe that I am not fighting alone. Thank you for your deep love and spiritual comfort. Friend, thank you!

Ho ~ it's rare to have a confidant in life. It's said that thousands of gold are easy to get, and confidants are hard to find!

Your best friend: Lu Yi

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