Friendship that does not fade away with time

With a telephone call, a familiar voice came to my ears. "Are you free this evening? Go to the junior high school teacher's house and get together with the students. "I promised, and I recalled the scenes of junior high school, as if they were still yesterday

In the evening, we came to the place where the teacher lived. Unfortunately, we moved. Felix found her house. After opening the door, a familiar and thin figure appeared in front of us. "It hasn't changed. It really hasn't changed. It's still the same." The teacher said excitedly, "in my eyes, you will always be children," and let us into the room After graduating from junior high school, students who go to work or school do not spend much time together. At this time, there are many words to express when they meet

They all recalled their junior high school life in the past, talked about their studies in the past, held parties together in the past, enjoyed the past bit by bit and some interesting little things, and often gave a knowing smile after a long absence. All the unhappiness of the passing away and the young mood were integrated into the songs and laughter Talking about the good times in the past, I also talked about the situation of my current classmates. Who became a soldier, and some were ready to work in foreign companies or go abroad. I recalled almost all my classmates A classmate in the military camp invited us to their place to practice shooting or military training. We were very happy and said that she would be a soldier before she was discharged from the army In the conversation with my classmates, I found some inspiring "small factors", which encouraged me to move forward and learned a lot from their conversation We made an appointment to hold a class meeting next year to bring back the students outside and complete the great cause of reunification

The good time when we get together is always short. The night is already deep. With endless reluctance, we say goodbye to our teacher, and tell her to take care of her body, pay attention to rest, and we will come to see her After that, I said goodbye to my classmates and hoped to keep in touch with them. In this dusty and gasoline smelling City, I need to find more human feelings and understanding

Sing and laugh, then get together with your old friends and classmates. I believe you will find what you need

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