Fun games

Today, our full sky star social practice team held an interesting sports meeting in Lotus No. 1 middle school. Although the sun is hot, we and the students are still enthusiastic and enjoy this interesting sports meeting very much.

Another classmate and I just sat on the stage and recorded the time when the students completed their tasks. But I saw several students walking aimlessly instead of playing games, as if they were at a loss. I caught up with the four students and gathered them together. After asking them, I knew that their team was missing one student. I didn't know where he had gone. There is no way to play the game. In fact, they are still at a loss. Two of them want to give up and stop playing the game. Finally, I told them that I could join them. After passing the first game, I immediately found the classmate and finished the game with them. Finally, I convinced them that I could help them continue the game.

After we passed the first game, the student also appeared in our sight. They told the student that he was their fifth team member, but the team member didn't know why he didn't seem to want to participate in these games. However, in some games that require team cooperation, he is also very cooperative and helps the team complete the task. In the following ball games, with our encouragement, he also performed very well. It is also because of him that this team can complete the game faster. I think he also likes to participate in this interesting sports meeting. At the beginning, he just lacked some encouragement.

Today's interesting sports meeting will let me understand how important it is for students to find out some changes in their emotions and then give them some appropriate encouragement and help. Because they are all children, they may become confused when they encounter difficulties. It's really great to be trusted and relied on by others, but I must also learn to train myself to become a towering tree in order to shield others from the wind and rain.

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