Game class with both joy and wisdom

Today is the eighth day that the social practice team of "blooming summer" came to Shiqiao primary school to support teaching, and I am honored to be invited to be a teaching assistant in the game class in grade one. Maybe playing is the nature of children, maybe the charm of the game itself, maybe the Bishop's teacher's careful preparation, so this game class is particularly popular with students. The small game class burst out with great joy and wisdom.

The first game we played was "squirrel and tree". First, let's divide the students into groups of three. The two dressed as big trees, facing each other, stretched out their hands to form a circle; One dressed as a squirrel and stood in the middle of the circle; Other unpaired students or teaching assistants serve as temporary staff. The Bishop's little teacher came to shout the password: "big tree", "squirrel", "earthquake". After the game started, the loser would perform the program. For example: when the little teacher calls "squirrel", the tree does not move, and the person playing "squirrel" must leave the original tree and choose another tree; The temporary staff will temporarily act as squirrels and insert them into the trees, and the people who are alone will perform the program. When the little teacher talked about the rules, the students listened carefully. At the beginning of the game, the students couldn't stop playing. When the teacher shouted "earthquake", the students broke up from their original team and trotted to grab new "trees" and "squirrels". When seeing someone left alone, the other students who had formed a team laughed. The single students choose "recite poems", "sing songs" or "five radish squats". A little boy lost and chose to sing. I thought he would choose to sing some trendy songs. As soon as he opened his voice, I was shocked. He sings the national anthem! It seems that this is really a patriotic little boy who can speak the national anthem. Ask yourself, but I didn't do it. I'm ashamed! We all listened quietly to him sing the national anthem. When he finished, we all applauded him warmly.

After playing for less than half a class, the students seemed to lose their initial interest in the game. I just thought what to do? At this time, the Bishop said to the students, let's play another game. The students showed great interest and cooperated with us warmly. So we played two games, namely "a piece of five jiao" and "throw a handkerchief". Students, you chased me and had a lot of fun.

In this game class, my students and I had a good time. I also learned a lot from others. For example, you should be well prepared for everything before you can deal with emergencies freely. The small game class is full of fun and wisdom. This is really a meaningful game class for me!
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