Get used to it. Goodbye

In the short 10 days of lotus one, it seems like a year has passed. From our helpless complaints when we arrived at the school, to the excitement and tension of welcoming the new students, the calm and lively life of study and life, and to the reluctance to part, we tasted all the sweets and bitters during this period.


In the past few days when I came home, I often thought of my life in Lotus No. 1 middle school, wondering where I should be and what I was doing. It was only when I left that I felt more nostalgic for this period of time. I miss the days when the whole class gathered to have dinner and played table tennis, volleyball and badminton after dinner. We can discuss a meal for a long time, and each of us has his own tricks when cooking. Fortunately, the food is delicious.


On the afternoon of the 12th, I had my first lesson in life. At the beginning, I was nervous, but after I started to talk, I didn't think much about anything. I just wanted to explain these knowledge points clearly and thoroughly so that they could understand them, and I was afraid they would feel bored. So I try my best to connect knowledge with life and make them interested. It was only after I was a teacher that I found that every word that the teacher said in the class should be justified. Before speaking, I should think twice: is what I said correct? Can they understand what I say? Are there any exceptions that I have overlooked? In the last few minutes, my voice was hoarse, and I realized that it was not easy to be a teacher. But I also enjoy this kind of teaching, incisive feeling, really painful and happy.


But the horn of parting has sounded, and we must leave after all. I dare not say how much knowledge we have taught our students. I just hope that this time will leave them a good memory. Thank them for their warm cooperation and the hard work of our teammates. So far, our trip to the countryside has come to a complete end.

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