Go to the countryside like a song, my heart is leisurely 报错 笔记 双语对照

Slowly, the practice of "three trips to the countryside" has entered a late stage, and our work is slowly reducing, so we have time to savor the beauty of going to the countryside.

In the early stage, we didn't make a good work plan, resulting in the aggravation of work content and the delay of push time. So in the mid-term, we held a short summary meeting on work issues. At the meeting, we formulated the work plan for the later stage, and we sat together to discuss the tasks to be pushed in the next few days, so as to prevent work chaos in the later stage.

Following the plan, we finished the work step by step, not flustered and not confined to one pattern. When I assigned the tasks, the sound of everyone typing on the computer hit my heart one after another. Everything is going on in an orderly manner. Whoever finishes his work first will not leave in advance, let alone make a big noise. When everyone puts down their work, they will look at each other and smile. Working for the same goal and the same result, how can this atmosphere of unity not be exciting?

The task of these days is much easier. We have almost prepared the collection of tweet materials in the early stage, so we have a lot of free time to go out and play with the children. Go to the outside world, no longer buried in the office, and finally understand that three trips to the countryside is not only about work.

We finally have time to indulge, find ourselves who loved playing and adventure in childhood, and maintain a heart of exploration. During the day, look at the blue sky overhead, count the fruits on the trees, tease the ants who are moving, and play on the seesaw with my friends. The SLR camera we hold in our hands all day is no longer a variety of photos about work needs. It finally has a little different things in it. It has more unrestrained smiling faces of ourselves, more green group photos of us and children, more body photos of our brave basketball, more group photos of blue sky, moon and white clouds, more fragrance of jackfruit on the tree, and more loud laughter in the campus.

At night, I will also move a small bench to sit on the basketball court, count the moments when the meteor crossed, enjoy the gentle breeze blowing on my face, listen to the chirp of countless cicadas gathered in the tree, wait for the sweet sugar water provided by the logistics team members, talk with the team members about home, and share my homesick thoughts, which will reduce the pain in my heart. Such a quiet and peaceful night gradually smoothed the restless heart floating in the city in the past.

It's really not easy for such a group of aspiring young people to gather together to compose this song of going to the countryside. Every minute, every lyric, is our sweet or astringent heart experience, cherish every minute of beauty, cherish every second now together.

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