Good luck 19 years ago

Yuanhao is a professor of Guangzhou Medical College. He is bedridden due to stroke. He is always around to take care of him. He is neither a relative of Yuanhao nor a hired nurse. Someone came to see old yuan and asked him who he was? He replied, I am a patient of old yuan. Why do patients care for doctors?

His name is lijingzhai. He is an ordinary farmer from Henan. He was a patient of old yuan 19 years ago.

19 years ago, lijingzhai seemed to have bad luck. He suffered two car accidents in a row. His left and right legs were broken successively. As the injury worsened, it also led to necrosis of the femoral head. At that time, this disease was almost a terminal disease, which meant lifelong disability. The patients not only suffered from pain, but also completely lost their labor force. They even needed crutches to walk. He was only 38 years old that year. In his prime, he had elderly and sickly parents and three underage children. Once the pillar fell, the sky of the family would collapse. With the last glimmer of hope, lijingzhai went south to Guangzhou with his wife and found old yuan.

Lijingzhai will always remember that when he knocked on the door of old yuan's house with a cane, old yuan, who was having breakfast, immediately put down his dishes and chopsticks and got up to greet him warmly. After checking the injury, Mr. Yuan suggested that he should have an operation immediately. There may be hope for a cure. Lijingzhai was overjoyed when he heard that there was salvation, but he soon fell into despair again. This is a major operation. The deposit for hospitalization alone costs 10000 yuan, but he only borrowed 2000 yuan from his family, which is a drop in the bucket. Although they had never known each other, when old yuan learned about his family, he promised to help him find a way as much as possible.

A few days later, good news finally arrived. When Yuanlao found lijingzhai, he beamed and said, "go and get ready for admission." After Yuanlao's efforts, application and guarantee, the hospital agreed to reduce part of Li Jingzhai's medical expenses and hospitalization expenses, and arranged for his wife to work as a temporary cleaner in the hospital to increase her income. Mr. Yuan personally performed the operation. The operation was very successful. One month later, lijingzhai was able to leave the hospital, but he still owed more than 1000 yuan to the hospital. His wife planned to let him go home to recuperate first. She stayed and continued to work as a cleaner to repay the arrears of the hospital, but Mr. Yuan objected: "you can't stay. Your husband still needs your care. I will deal with things in the hospital." The couple went home after completing the discharge procedures. It was not until five years later that they learned that the arrears had been quietly paid by Mr. Yuan for them.

When lijingzhai and his wife returned to their hometown in Henan Province, they did not know how to express their gratitude, so they hung the picture of old yuan on the nave. In their hearts, old yuan was a Bodhisattva. Lijingzhai said, "he not only saved me, but also our whole family." Since then, the two have been writing to each other. Mr. Yuan has been tracking his recovery. Over the years, lijingzhai has always been obsessed with repaying the kindness of old yuan, but every time he sends a gift, it is returned.

In a flash, 19 years have passed. Mr. and Mrs. yuan, who are over 80 years old, have had a stroke and are ill in bed, making it difficult to take care of themselves. When lijingzhai and his wife learned the news, they could no longer sit still and decided to go to Guangzhou to take care of the second old man. It was not easy to make this decision. Lijingzhai's parents were old and frail, and their three children were working in other places. When they left, the responsibility of taking care of their parents fell to their brother who was suffering from polio. But he didn't expect that his brother agreed without saying a word. When the villagers heard that they were going to repay their kindness, they also promised to help take care of their parents. After 19 years, lijingzhai and his wife, nearly 60 years old, once again set foot on the train heading south, just to repay their kindness.

When they came to Guangzhou, lijingzhai accompanied old yuan, while his wife was responsible for taking care of old yuan. The couple took the second old man as their biological parents and took good care of him. The yuans and his family were deeply grateful and offered to pay them wages several times, but the couple refused. Lijingzhai stubbornly said: "we are not money, but love."

Love is priceless! Thousands of miles apart, spanning 19 years, many things have changed, but the true feelings have not changed. Mr. and Mrs. yuan helped lijingzhai at the beginning, but they never wanted anything in return. However, lijingzhai insisted: "it is a normal thing for normal people to know how to repay their kindness." Buddha said: good and evil all have causes, and all things have predestination. I am willing to believe that this is an indissoluble bond between the two families, and I am more willing to believe that the world has a good fate.

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