Goodbye, I'll see you again

In my mind, I have been vaguely repeating the scene of running around with those children to play games during the sports meeting. At the beginning, they were very strange, so they cried all the time and refused to play. They even hid in the classroom. At the end, they went to the game with full smiles and high morale and completed the game. The scene turned to the evening. After several days of training, the shy children sang their favorite songs and dances on the stage, blooming their light.

As soon as the alarm bell rang, I was dreaming. Those were all the things I had experienced with the children of lotus No. 1 middle school. Now it is the last day of three trips to the countryside. I should get up and pack my bags and go home. During the packing period, students kept coming to us to leave messages. They also kept saying \ "teacher, you must chat with us. Don't forget us \". I replied \ "MMM \", but my eyes were like sand.

At ten o'clock, we waited for the bus at the school gate, but it was a pity that the bus was delayed. We had been exposed to the sun and had no shelter. The students have been chatting with us all the time. Although it is hot, it is also very interesting. We didn't get on the bus until 11 o'clock. After I got on the bus, a classmate asked me to look out the window. It turned out that the children were all in a row and saying goodbye to us. We said that the sun was very hot, so we hurried back. They refused, saying that they would not leave until the teachers left. They used their hands to shield the fierce sun, and their eyes had narrowed into a line. We have been asking them to go back, but they are really children, especially stubborn. After another half hour of inspection, we finally waved goodbye to the "warrior" outside the car and set out on the journey home.

The ten days are neither long nor short. The ten days spent with my children will eventually become an indelible memory in my life. Even if I say goodbye, I will see you again.

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