Goodbye, lotus. Goodbye

In my opinion, goodbye not only means parting, but also means meeting again.

We met in early July and parted in mid July.

I still remember the day we met. On that day, we listened to the principal's speech for more than half an hour in the hot sun.

I still remember that day, in order to get to know you earlier, after the class opening ceremony, I couldn't wait to run to the classroom to see you by the hand of my little friend.

I still remember you on that day. Your young face is full of shyness, your clear eyes are full of innocence, and your bright smile is charming and harmless.

We still remember that day, are so shy. That day, I foolishly stood on the podium to introduce myself to you. I wanted you to know me and make friends with you. Unfortunately, I was in the cold, but I succeeded in making you remember me.

I still remember the day of departure. Due to a small accident, the car was almost an hour late than the agreed time.

On that day, you accompanied us in the scorching sun to talk and laugh for an hour.

On that day, after our car left, you still waved goodbye to us.

On that day, we had some complaints and displeasure because of the late bus. But more of your company, more of your laughter, more of your voice. For the first time, we hoped that the bus would arrive at a slower speed.

One day after I went home, I received a student's message \ "teacher, I will go to see you later \". At that moment, I deeply believed that although we parted in the lotus flower, we would definitely "goodbye" in the future.

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