Grandfather and the old washing machine - an interesting experience of tap dancing

Grandfather and the old washing machine - an interesting experience of tap dancing

The summer vacation has passed for several days, and the feeling of examination has gradually faded. One day, I came to see my grandparents. They were busy dancing in the yard.

As soon as my grandfather turned around and saw me, he asked me to tap dance with him. Grandma and I stood in a row and began to dance. He went to play music. With the dance, we twisted our bodies and danced tap dance. Just when we were happy, my grandfather turned around and said, "we are washing clothes." Call me for help. Grandma and I hold down the water pipe, he went to turn on the switch, a stream of water into the washing machine. When it was almost full, I called out to my grandfather, "OK!" The water pipe is not running, grandma put the clothes into the washing machine, press a button, the washing machine began to work..

At this time, I noticed the washing machine that I was already familiar with. This is an old single barrel washing machine. According to my grandfather, it was bought in 1988, 17 years ago. Compared with all kinds of advanced washing machines in the shop, it's a senior. Over the past 17 years, it has also experienced many vicissitudes. It has been ringing incessantly when it moves, just like an old man who is very old and seriously ill. Washing machine body has two colors, the function area is yellow, the other parts are purplish red. Its structure and function are very simple. It seems that it can only stir clothes.

Grandfather didn't care at all. In his opinion, this washing machine is just like him. The washing machine has washed clothes for our family all his life. He has done good things for others all his life. Even if he retires now, his "warm-hearted" has not decreased at all. No wonder my cousin added a sentence when he wrote about the washing machine: "it turns out that my grandfather is a real" old brand "washing machine

When my grandfather saw me staring at the washing machine, he said with a smile, "this washing machine was bought by your father when he worked. Up to now, I still like to use it to wash clothes. It's as old and strong as I am and continues to serve you. " Grandma also laughed and said, "so you are an old washing machine?"

"You're the old washing machine." This sentence is so intriguing. Washing machine hard, unknown to work all his life, is not in service for others? Isn't his work just grandfather's "warm-hearted"? Isn't this spirit worth learning? Doesn't Lao Wu and everything about him reflect this?

Now, I understand why my grandfather didn't want to throw away the washing machine, because he said, "this is the witness of my life."

The music also stopped, the clothes also washed, we also stopped dancing, tired of sweating! What an interesting experience it was!

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