Grandma's simple life

Grandma's simple life

In July, the heat is hard to endure, and the summer vacation finally arrives as scheduled. After months, I finally had the chance to return to that warm grandmother's home and my hometown of growth.

Compared with City Center, grandma's house is much cooler! Without high-rise buildings, we can only look at the simple bungalows, and have a special charm. This is the unique charm of my hometown.

"Grandma! I'm come back! " As soon as I push open the door of my grandmother's house, I call for it.

"Oh, my nephew is back! Let Grandma see, they are so tall, study hard outside? " Grandma heard my voice, ran out of the kitchen, grandpa also smiled to meet me, holding my three and a half year old sister, babe.

"Grandma is cooking breakfast. Have you eaten it? Let's have a rest on TV first. "

"OK, thank you grandma."

I walked out of the living room and came to the courtyard, where there was a jujube tree that accompanied me through my childhood. The branches were full of green jujube seeds. The time was in a hurry, and everything was human and wrong. My grandmother grew older and grew up. The jujube tree and the simple house stand in the flow of time... But it is not changed, as if there is a simple life for my grandmother.

As usual, grandma got up at six to buy vegetables and cook breakfast, take care of baby, then do housework, and wash clothes and bask quilt; The grandfather went out to do carpentry. Then I watched cartoon and read stories with babe. By 11 o'clock, Grandma had to be busy preparing lunch. Every time I went into the hot kitchen, I could always see grandma sweating in front of the kitchen table to fry vegetables. After dinner, grandma coaxed babe to bed. When she woke up, she was four o'clock in the afternoon. Grandma was going to prepare dinner again!

She lives in a very different way every day, spending most of her time taking care of her sister and cooking. I have a busy day and I have spare time occasionally.

That night, I took a small stool and sat in the courtyard with my grandmother chatting, with stars shining above my head. Looking at the vast starry sky, grandma said to me with emotion: "Alas, grandma is now the one who is eliminated by the times. The world changes too fast. Every day, there are new technology and new inventions. Grandma feels like she is gradually isolated from the outside world..."

"You can find something interesting to do. You can go dancing with those moms in cheap dancing shoes in the morning."

"Grandma also wants to jump, but I can't, and I don't have time and energy to learn. I will take care of babe in the morning... Now it's all on your young people!"“ I can teach you! Grandma. " I said I took out cheap dancing shoes from the trunk to prepare for grandma, told her to dance my favorite tap dance! At the same time, I also took out a pair of cheap tap dancing shoes and put them on, and I was ready to dance“ No, grandma is old, she can't jump! "

Grandma's eyes are deep like water, like a calm lake, occasionally a breeze blows ripples, maybe it is the reflection of stars, exuding infinite loss and reverie.

I can't help but feel a thousand! When I was a child, I was brought up by my grandmother a little bit like babe. The good time of childhood and grandma is still fresh and fresh. Although the life of grandma is simple, but extraordinary, she is willing to devote without any, pour our full love, push us to the forefront of the times, but she remains at the end.

At this time, the dim night covers the earth, and the breeze blows, so cool.

Grandma! You are like that simple scallop, and you live a simple life day after day; But who once thought, in your hard but wrinkled body, pregnant with crystal clear, shining pearl!

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