Green and fleeting, looking for a strong gift to you

The rain, which had not appeared for a long time, came here in a hurry. The small city was soaked with a kind of wet pleasure. Suddenly, the bright lights in the street center were lit. The sky was filled with cold light and rain. Xiao Yaxuan's songs were floating outside the shop window. A person stood quietly at the familiar alley entrance, at the other end of Datong Street, and the flowing notes flowed in an orderly way. At a glance, they looked like the end of the world.

When it rains, please don't think of me again. When you turned around and left, you just left behind such a sentence. Now, without me, you are waiting for someone's umbrella.

Midsummer is a season that is not suitable for missing. This kind of sadness that is deliberately pursued by the sun is often out of order in a blink of an eye. Perhaps only some songs can quietly let go of some helplessness, and then nothing will appear. A person quietly listens to music, quietly imagines the singer's lonely eyes, looks at the distance, and then stretches this melancholy infinitely. At the end of the horizon, do you remember me now? In those days without me, are you as lonely as me? Under the dim street lamp, without your shadow, everything is still. Such a permanent departure is doomed to leave all waiting deserted. The seed of memory is just like those nameless stars in the dark night, which sometimes appear and disappear, sometimes fade away, so that it can no longer be traced back to the past time, and the subsequent days just leave this boundless loneliness closely accompanied.

The quiet acquaintance of that year was destined to be a dream of surprise in the mortal world. The laughter of the green years danced heartily under those monologues, and the pain that had been precipitated for a long time quietly turned into wisps of dust in the alternate reincarnation, as static as water. At that time, you were waiting for me all my life. A promise was enough to stay wild for a lifetime. When I think of you, it is all a soft memory. You silently gazed and caressed the flower path of that date to a beautiful place. Even though you traveled thousands of mountains and rivers, how many brilliant past events of life did you become attached to? Since then, our love has been looking forward to the days when our memories are lost. Just a knowing look and an indifferent wipe of the shoulder, how much are we lost? In this life, Red Dust Road, Xiaoxiang Rain, who is the deepest yearning, who is the deepest pain? It's you? Or me?

At that time, you always said that it was the palace lantern you held that lit up the road under your feet and us in the distance. You said that you came through that day, walked through my dreams, quietly looked back, and fulfilled your thousand year wish. This meeting made the promise of the previous life become a true promise.

Now, don't go back. Acquaintance and parting are just like a conventional procedure. We hurry to finish, and everything returns to the origin. These scattered memories, like petals, are scattered on the paper. In the eyes, those mottled yellowing breath quietly diffuses until it is quiet day by day. So, I always imagine for no reason, even if we meet again and again after parting, what can we do? Our acquaintance is just a meaningless dream. It doesn't matter whether we wake up or not. However, our loneliness, as well as our helplessness, has been nowhere to place.

I used to think that as long as I stayed with you silently and looked up at you in the same way, you would not leave. However, have you ever imagined how hard it would be to love along the way? How hard are you? How tired am I? I have never dared to say something to you that will make everything forever. My cowardice and your stubbornness are doomed to fill my baggy shoulders with empty expectations. How many times when I was at a loss, when I dialed the phone, I suddenly felt that the voices at the other end could only change back into overwhelming despair. You won't come back after all. Why did you promise me such a long future? You know I've never been strong enough!

It was said that after separation, everything would return to dust. Now, if Acacia is still the wisp of smoke at the entrance of the alley, I hope the summer wind tonight will not blow my message to you, so that you will not know how much I miss you; If care is still a drop of water in the mandarin duck pool, I hope this heavy rain has not spread, so that you will not know how much I miss you.

Love is like a game. The hand in hand was just a confrontation after gazing. Your fleeting years inadvertently upset my floating life. It is said that flowers can only bloom on the other side of the river. As we said we should love each other, in the end, everything can only be a secret belonging to each other's hearts. We still follow the way we came, just as we watched and struggled in the past. Those about feelings never left, even when we reached the extreme of sadness, even when we were tossing and turning. In the end, however, it is still a mistake that will never end. In this way, it will last forever

The fairy tale of the Red Dragonfly slowly played a parting song under the lotus pond. When you waved your hand, you unconsciously missed my time. I smiled gloomily, and in a moment I missed a life and death love. Since then, my world has been muted by you. As long as you are better than me, I will become strong slowly.

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