Green fairy fairy pillar and my tap dancing shoes

Green fairy fairy pillar and my tap dancing shoes

In a beige broken porcelain shoe box, the color is dark green and lush. Tap shoes are my favorite tap dance shoes.

My family has clean white tap shoes, beautiful and fragrant yellow tap shoes, as well as petite and lovely ballet dance shoes. I even have a pair of lotus root shaped dance shoes. But I'm not interested in these shoes. I just like high-heeled tap dancing shoes.

Tap dance shoes are very common shoes. It's not bad at all. Look at it! The top is a little sharp and the bottom is a little wider, just like fingers. It's not too much to say that it's immortal column. Who let it have many edges and four sides? It's like a small square column.

I stare at this pair of tap dance shoes in a daze.

At the same time, I also like to plant flowers. My favorite is xianrenzhu. Tap dance is my favorite, so is xianrenzhu!

How did this immortal pillar grow? It was so deformed! It was crooked and pitted. In the dark green and strong main body, there are countless small columns, which are really weak compared with other immortal columns. Obviously vulnerable; uncoordinated at all. I watched carefully and found that these pillars were mixed in the gaps of other immortal pillars, just like some babies hiding behind their mothers shyly. The more I look at it, the more I can't put it down. Immortal column will only grow a few thorns on the top of the head, just like a silver needle inlaid in a dark blue jasper. Those thorns, sometimes in the sunlight under the red light, so dazzling.

The fairy pillar will blossom. Red as fire, pink as rosy clouds, white as snow. And yellow and purple. But mostly white. It not only blooms, but also has beautiful flowers. This kind of beauty is not inferior to tulip! It is more gorgeous than chrysanthemum. The red petals are dancing in the wind. The breeze blows, a burst of intoxicating fragrance comes. The fragrance, though not as rich as lily, not as quiet as orchid, not as elegant as lily of the valley, is more refreshing.

I thought xianrenzhu was growing in a place with fertile soil, abundant sunshine and water, but I didn't expect that it was originally living in the bad environment of the Gobi desert. No wonder the vitality is so strong! It's shocking. Even if it is dug out of the soil, it will never bow its head and continue to take root. It will still grow as strong and healthy as ever. Do you want to threaten it with the pillar that broke it off? No way. As soon as the pillars touched the soil, they struggled to grow as big as the mother. Even if it's not watered for half a month, it won't dry out

The green of immortal column is like a kind of green that never exhausts, like a kind of immortal green! This kind of green makes me look at and respect.

I love xianrenzhu, also love my tap dance, wearing tap shoes when dancing is my most enjoyable time, looking at xianrenzhu, is my most relaxed time!

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